BSN Program Outcomes

Graduates of the BSN program will:

1. Integrate culturally competent professional nursing care with clients while incorporating caring and the caritas processes to promote autonomy, altruism, human dignity, integrity and social justice.

2. Analyze alternative solutions based on scientific and humanistic rationale for situations encountered in professional nursing practice.

3. Incorporate professional communication in interactions with clients, colleagues and community partners.

4. Synthesize scientific and humanistic knowledge derived from theory and research in the provision of professional nursing care.

5. Evaluate skills and ongoing assessment into the process of planning, intervening, and evaluating the delivery of professional nursing care including health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, illness/disease management and rehabilitation to meet the health needs of clients.

6. Collaborate with clients and community partners as an agent to facilitate change within a global healthcare environment.

7. Assume professional responsibility and legal/ethical accountability in providing health care.

8. Evaluate research critically and use findings selectively in professional nursing practice.

9. Incorporate knowledge of health care system policy and of professional activism into nursing practice.

10. Integrate leadership and management skills as a professional caregiver, teacher and manager of client care.