Mammography Certificate



The 9 credit hour online Mammography certificate program will provide you with new credentials in just one semester

Expand Your Expertise with a Mammography Certificate

Those who specialize in the care of women find their career options rapidly expanding due to possessing the qualifications necessary to run advanced diagnostic tests on the human breast.

The online Mammography certificate option is designed for Imaging professionals who wish to branch out into this vibrant and important field. Graduates will be able to conduct not just mammograms but an assortment of procedures.

Thanks to increased awareness of the dangers of breast cancer, these healthcare services are in demand, particularly in rural areas where access to care may be limited. Professionals who receive their Mammography (M) credentials can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics and the growing number of organizations that cater their services to women's health.

Mammography Certificate Program Information

  • Two Entry Points
    • Students in the Imaging Sciences Bachelor's degree program may complete the certificate as part of their specialization. OR...
    • Currently practicing RTs may take the certificate separate from all other coursework
  • This online certificate program can be completed in as little as one semester or 9 credit hours
  • Curriculum focuses on diagnostic breast testing, including mammograms
  • Course material can be accessed any time of the day from anywhere with Internet access

Mammographer Salary & Job Outlook

O*Net Online indicates the U.S. median salary in May 2015 for a Radiologic Technologist, including those who specialize in Mammography, was $56,670 per year ($27.25 per hour), while the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a faster than average job growth of 9 percent between 2014 and 2024.