DNP - Public Health Policy


Doctor of Nursing Practice student

Earn your Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in our online MSN/MPH to DNP program and become a Public Health Policy change agent.

Advocacy That Makes a Difference

Now is the time to influence change as the nation navigates healthcare policy and population health initiatives. Regional and national population-based healthcare reform starts in your community. Be the change agent to improve public health programs, develop new programs and coordinate care.

As a nurse with a terminal degree, at the height of your profession, you'll be uniquely qualified to translate your years of experience into transforming health policy at a systems level. 

A nurse in the DNP - Public Health Policy program is an expert in evidence-based practice — serving as a teacher, mentor, consultant and researcher — who influences management and systems improvement to affect public health policy at all levels of government.

The DNP - Public Health Policy program requires a nurse to complete a minimum of 50 credit hours and 960 clinical practice hours. Credit hours can be obtained via synchronous and asynchronous online learning including one on-campus intensive weekend. Clinical practice requirements are completed in a preceptor experience.

A full-time student can graduate in 24 months; a part-time student can finish in three to four years.

Program Highlights

  • Curriculum integrates scientific knowledge and real-world experience to influence project development outcomes locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Program concludes with the nurse completing an evidence-based capstone project centered on the application and assessment of a healthcare topic in a community or patient practice.
  • Our faculty bring broad experiences in advanced clinical practice, leadership and education.
  • Graduates will be well equipped to develop, implement, assess and advance new practice approaches for healthcare delivery.

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