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The programs of the NMC Center for Community Engagement (CCE) coordinates meaningful and mutually beneficial community engagement experiences to address college and community needs, create positive social change, and cultivate active citizen leaders. The CCE facilitates activities to integrate learning, service and leadership while fostering a culture of civic responsibility.

Learn more below about the programs currently offered by the CCE.

Center for Community Engagement

Building upon a long history of community involvement and community-based learning, the Center works to focus NMC's community outreach to deepen both community impact and student learning. 

CCE Vision: Serves as a leader in the development and advancement of Nebraska Methodist College and our community partners.  

CCE Mission:  Develops, guides and enhances opportunities for community-based student engagement, scholarship, service and learning to improve the health and wellbeing of those we serve.

Our Programs

Careers in Science

Careers in Science is a collaboration with Omaha Central High School and the Central High School Foundation.  It is designed to introduce high school students to health careers and the college preparation necessary to pursue them.  Each year, interested students come to the NMC campus to participate in a program which includes visits to program laboratories, tours of the college and student housing, and a general introduction to higher education in healthcare. 

Community Scholars

The Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Student Scholars Program is a program designed to offer students who are interested in public health and research an opportunity to further explore those interests and develop skills for effective health care provision and promotion and research.  As Scholars, students will work with the Faculty Fellows research team on faculty-led CBPR projects.  Students will have a Faculty Mentor and will be intimately involved in the research.


  • Students must be in the final year (or year and a half) of their program at NMC
  • Students must complete the application and identify an area of research they would be interested in working on
  • Students must be able to fully participate in the CBPR project over the course of one year (August-May) (typical time commitment is 5-10 hours per month)
  • Students must meet with their Faculty Mentor monthly
  • Students must present (individually or with a group) the results of their research in a public forum (NMC Research Day, conferences, etc.)


  • Students will receive a $500 stipend upon successful completion of their CBPR project
  • Students will receive funds (up to $200) for materials they may need, such as poster for their presentation, or to apply towards conference registration fees
  • Students will gain hands-on research experience at the undergraduate level and have the opportunity to be published
  • Students will be mentored by faculty
  • Students will be able to put this research experience on a job resume and/or graduate school applications

Application Process and Timeline

  • Students must complete the application for the CBPR Student Scholars Program.
  • Application due date is TBD.

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows CBPR (Community-Based Participatory Research) is a program which supports faculty in developing, conducting and disseminating community based participatory research.  Faculty Fellows work together with community partners to develop a fuller understanding of community issues and design appropriate interventions.

Immersion Trips

Nebraska Methodist College (NMC) alternative-break service immersion trips began in 2004.  Service Immersion trips are a partnership between the Center for Health Partnerships and the academic division offering immersion trips through the NRS 381 - Immersion Experience two credit hour elective course. NMC service immersion trips provide participants with an opportunity for a community based experience of hands-on service and cultural immersion.  These experiences are intended to deepen students' knowledge of community issues, build cultural competence and expand community.

Through focus study, analysis, and social action, these experiences may positively influence the health and well-being of the community.  This immersion course is an intensive community-based learning experience.  Faculty and community leaders will serve as co-facilitators to assist students in building bridges of understanding and knowing others in a meaningful way.  Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will gain global awareness through the study of culture, politics, history, economics, and health care, along with other aspects of diversity.

NMC offers three service immersions each year, which take place during the fall break, winter break and spring break.  If you're interested in participating, fill out the Volunteer Opportunities form.

Mobile Diabetes Center

The Mobile Diabetes Center is a partnership between Nebraska Methodist College Center for Health Partnerships and the Cosmopolitan, Cornbelt Diabetes Connection.  The partnership works to expand and deepen community health impact by providing NMC students, faculty and alumni with an opportunity to address diabetes health issues for a variety of urban and rural populations.

TRIO Classic Upward Bound

TRIO Classic Upward Bound is a federally-funded college preparation program through the U.S. Department of Education.  NMC first received Upward Bound funding in 2007.  The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits.

TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science

TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science is a federally funded college preparation program through the Department of Education that focuses on math and science. NMC first received Upward Bound Math-Science funding in the 2017-18 academic year.

Childhood Lead Testing

Nebraska Methodist college, in partnership with Douglas County Health department, offers point of care lead and hemoglobin testing and outreach initiatives for children under the age of 7 in the Douglas county area aimed to prevent childhood lead exposure and poisoning.

National Diabetes Prevention Program

In partnership with the Mobile Diabetes Center, Cornbelt Diabetes Connection and Nebraska DHHS, Nebraska Methodist College offers the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program to individuals with pre-diabetes or at risk for type 2 diabetes to participate in a free, evidenced-based, high-quality lifestyle change program to reduce their risk of diabetes and improve their overall health.

Service Learning Resources

For NMC Faculty

Faculty Fellows: Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Faculty Fellows CBPR is a program which supports faculty in developing, conducting and disseminating community based participatory research.  Faculty Fellows work together with community partners to develop a fuller understanding of community issues and design appropriate interventions.  In support of the Center's focus on diabetes prevention, the 2013-2014 Faculty Fellows are working with community organizations to identify barriers to good nutrition faced by families within targeted communities.  They are currently working together to develop appropriately targeted interventions.

Examples of Past and Current NMC Service-Learning Projects

Course Partner Project

COM 230 Language And Culture

OneWorld- Minority Health Initiative Community Partnership

Assisted with childcare and conducted basic health screenings with Spanish-speaking patients

BIO 240 Nutrition

Upward Bound/College Challenge

Teaching healthy cooking class to high school students

NRS 100

Omaha Housing Authority

Blood pressure checks

NRS 340

Minne Lusa Elementary School

Planned and implemented school-based health fair

Several Clinical Courses

Mobile Diabetes Center

Blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol checks at various community sites

Faculty Community Orientations

Faculty community orientations are a partnership with College of Saint Mary which began in 2005.  The purpose of these orientations is to deepen faculty knowledge of pressing community issues and illuminate the potential for faculty and students to work together with community organizations to address these issues.  The orientations are organized thematically and open to all area colleges and universities.  Orientations include a panel overview of the highlighted issue and 2-3 site visits to community organizations working to address the issue.  The day concludes with a lunch and reflection session, pulling together the "learnings" from the day.  Past orientations have focused on such topics as:  childhood obesity, food policy, refugee integration and community development in Northeast Omaha.

Faculty Orientation - Food and Sustenance (Future of Food)


Kinney-Walker, Allison

Allison Kinney-Walker
Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences
Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus
720 North 87th Street
Omaha, Ne 68114
Phone: (402) 354-7121


Jillian Krumbach, DNP, RN
Chief Student and Community Engagement Officer
Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus
720 North 87th Street
Omaha, Ne 68114
Phone: (402) 354-7129



Volunteer Opportunities

Individuals interested in volunteer opportunities should complete and submit this form.