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Tuition & Fees

Nebraska Methodist College provides a quality education at a competitive, affordable price. Get an estimate of your tuition and fees and learn more about your payment options.

Estimate Your Tuition

All students enrolled at NMC are required to pay tuition based on the number of credits of instruction they are receiving. Some programs also assess additional course fees that are subject to change. 

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees by Program

See your Estimated Tuition and Fees by Program.

Net Price Calculator

You can also use our Net Price Calculator to estimate your net price of attendance.

Financial Obligation Policy

It is the responsibility of each student to satisfy all financial obligations to the College before course enrollment can be completed, prior to release of records, upon application for a degree, or before receipt of degree. The College may change any fees and charges at any time. At the end of the semester, student accounts with an outstanding balance will be referred to a collection agency for pursuit and potential litigation. All fees associated with collection agency placement will be added to the outstanding balance and is the responsibility of the student.

Your bill includes costs for tuition, student housing, testing fees and other mandatory fees. Acceptable arrangements for payment of tuition must be made no later than the Friday before the first week of the start of each semester. Securing adequate financial aid is considered payment on a student account. In cases where financial aid is not sufficient to cover the total due, full payment or arrangements for a payment must be made prior to the start of classes. Students not satisfying financial requirements will be administratively withdrawn from classes. Payment can be made online through your MyMethodist account. Log in to your account, and click on the Business Office tab.

Payment of Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are due on the first day of the semester no matter when the individual courses start.

Payment arrangements are available online via MyMethodist. Click on the Business Office tab and complete the Pay Agreement document.

The consortium schools Methodist College works with require students to pay the Methodist College tuition and fees based on Methodist College’s credit hours as opposed to the consortium school tuition and fees the student is taking the course through.

Graduating Students

Graduating students should contact the NMC Business Office at least ten (10) business days prior to graduation. Students who do not satisfy both NMC and federal requirements concerning their accounts during the exit process will have their transcripts and diplomas or certificates held until the required arrangements have been made.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

All students registered for classes at NMC will be required to complete, sign and submit a Statement of Financial Responsibility to the Business Office. Upon submission of this document, via the My Methodist student portal (login required), you acknowledge your financial obligation to Nebraska Methodist College and the consequences associated with failure to meet those obligations.

The Business Office assesses student accounts each semester or term for tuition, fees, residence hall and miscellaneous fees. Statements are available for viewing three weeks prior to the start of the upcoming semester/term. Please contact the NMC Business Office or call (402) 354-7105 to review payment options.

Download the Agreement and Disclosure Statement:

Tuition Refund Policy

Procedure to Withdraw

Students dropping some or all of their courses at Nebraska Methodist College may be eligible to receive a refund of tuition and fees based on the following schedule. To obtain a refund, students must complete the 'Drop / Add' form available at the Registrar's Office. No refund will be given without a 'Drop / Add' form on record. Refunds due to a student who completes a withdrawal of all courses and has federal financial aid will first be applied to NMC's share of repayment of unearned federal aid (if any), then to the student's share of repayment of unearned federal aid (if any), then to the student. (See Treatment of Aid When a Student Withdraws Policy.)

Refund Amounts

Students are eligible for refunds of up to 100% depending on when they withdraw. For more information about refunds, please refer to our tuition refund policy.

Electronic Refunds

Direct deposit of excess funds will be deposited from your student account to your bank account. To begin the sign-up process, send an email to the NMC Business Office.

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

Students withdrawing or taking a leave of absence must contact the College Financial Aid and Business Offices to make necessary financial arrangements. Students are responsible for all costs as determined by the refund policy. A week is defined as beginning on Monday and ending at the end of the day on Friday. If the term begins on a Monday and it is a holiday, the 5th day of the refund policy will be extended to the following Monday at 4:30 p.m. It is the responsibility of the students to complete and submit a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Request Form. 

Withdrawal or Withdrawal/Leave of Absence must be completed during business days Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

See our full Tuition Refund Policy.

Housing Rates

Nebraska Methodist College offers convenient, affordable housing at Josie’s Village, located adjacent to campus. Off-campus housing is also available at Whispering Pines Townhomes, just a short walk from campus.

Pay Online

You are able to pay many of your fees, deposits and other student bills online.

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