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Graduate Students at NMC

At Nebraska Methodist College, graduate students become leaders in their fields. Our students find opportunities to grow and contribute to the community. Those who complete our graduate courses go on to have careers that allow students to live with meaning and better the world. Take the next steps and join the NMC family.

Graduate Student Admission Process

Applying online is easy! Follow these seven steps to get started. 

  1. Apply to the program of interest
  2. Submit required official college transcripts
  3. Written Statement evaluation
  4. Complete the Program/Career Awareness Questionnaire (if applicable)
  5. Submit Resume
  6. Submit proof of unencumbered healthcare license (if applicable)
  7. Non- Nebraska Residents meet State Authorization

Applicants should visit the program webpage to review specific application requirements for their program of interest. The list above may not include additional requirements necessary for your intended academic program.

Application materials should be submitted to:

Nebraska Methodist College Admissions Office 
720 North 87th  Street 
Omaha, NE, 68114 
OR Electronically to:

Candidates applying to programs using OTCAS or NursingCAS should submit all application materials via the CAS application portal.

Graduate Student Events

Grad Student FAQ

How do online courses work?

Depending on the program, online courses at Nebraska Methodist College range between 5 to 15 weeks in duration. Classes are taught through MyMethodist, an online portal for NMC students. Class format varies but can include presentations, discussion boards, papers, tests and other assignments.

Will I be able to balance school, work and family?

NMC’s online graduate programs were designed with working professionals in mind. Students in our online programs can design part- or full-time plans of study that fit their needs. Breaks between five-week sessions allow for students to re-charge and manage other duties.
Our Occupational Therapy students are required to enroll as full-time students, but the hybrid format allows for school/life balance.

How do practicum hours work with an online program?

Clinical/Practicum hours are a requirement of all online nursing programs. Students may choose to fulfill this requirement somewhere that is easily accessible to them.

How does the hybrid Master of Occupational Therapy program work?

Hybrid means a combination of on-campus and online coursework. Students will complete in-person lab work and fieldwork on the NMC campus and in the community. Classroom learning, assignments and research will be completed on campus and online.

Where do I turn in my assignments?

Each student receives a syllabus for each course which details the instructor's requirements for how and when assignments are to be turned in.

How do I get in contact with my instructor?

Contact information is provided to you by the instructor when you first begin the course. Professors are easily accessible via email or phone.

Do any online courses involve group work?

In some courses and in some instances, students will work and collaborate in small groups. In all cases, this is determined by the course instructor.

Will I ever have to come to campus?

As an online doctoral student you visit campus 2-3 times as a part of your program. These dates are shared with you well in advance and take place over the weekend. Our MOT students visit campus regularly as a part of their hybrid format. Online master’s degree students are not required to visit campus- unless you want to take part in graduation and celebrate your accomplishments!

What type of interactions will I have with other students and my instructors?

One of the advantages students have in online programs is the ability to interact with instructors and a diverse student population. Each course varies in its approach, and all courses use different forms of interaction, which may include chat rooms, email, blogs, conference calls, social media and other forms of interaction.

How do I get the right textbooks and course materials?

All books can be purchased online through the NMC Bookstore.

How many hours per week does an average student devote to his or her studies?

The average amount of time spent per week studying will vary by course, coursework and program. Generally, students should plan on an average of 10-30 hours of studying per week for coursework. Hours will vary depending on the type of coursework, such as a reading assignment versus a written project.

What kind of computer, software and internet connections do I need?

For the list of technical needs, see our Online Technology Requirements at

What technical support is available to me?

The Educational Technology Department is available to assist all NMC students, faculty and staff at or (402) 354-7008.

Can graduate students receive financial assistance?

Yes, graduate students are eligible to receive financial aid. For more information about loans, grants and other resources available, visit our Financial Aid page:
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