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Continuing Education for Healthcare Providers

Profesional Development

Built upon over 30 years of Nebraska Methodist College's successful Continuing Education department, the Division of Professional Development and Community Partnerships was founded in 2013 based upon the growing need to provide quality, peer-reviewed continuing education to healthcare providers, while also offering certifications to current and aspiring healthcare professionals.



Due to Covid several courses have either been canceled or converted to virtual events. You will be notified separately about any changes to the courses you have registered for.  

CE for Life

NMC alumni are eligible for free continuing education through our CE for Life initiative. CE for Life provides all NMC alumni free access to all standard live and online courses! Alumni discount will automatically be applied during the registration process through a series of verification questions including graduation year, program, and last name on your diploma. (Note: CE for Life does not include special events or nonrefundable deposits.)

To access all CE courses:

  1. View our course catalog
  2. Find a class that interests you in the list and click Learn More to get full details
  3. If this a course you want to take click Register Now
  4. The CE for Life Discount will automatically be taken off during the registration and checkout process

Listen to our Podcasts!

Our podcast library is growing! Take a look at them below, and then click "Listen Now" to listen!

End of Life Care

Harnessing Neuroplasticity: The First Three Days

HPV Podcast Series: #1 What is HPV?, #2 Normalize the HPV Conversation, and #3 Why Are We Still Talking about HPV?

NICU Podcast Series -Talking through the tough stuff: Podcast One - Trauma Informed Care

NICU Podcast Series -Talking Through the Tough Stuff: End of Life Care in the NICU

Nutrition Podcast: Infant and Toddler Feeding and Nutrition

Nutrition Podcast: Nutrition in Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD) Podcast Series: #1 Perinatal Anxiety and Panic Disorders, and #2 Perinatal Depression and Bipolar Disorders

The Power of Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition 

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Continuing Education

Continuing Education provides live and online learning activities that assist healthcare professionals to develop and maintain their continuing competence, enhance their professional practice, and support achievement of their career goals. Contact hours are awarded to a wide range of disciplines including nursing, respiratory care, social work, physical and occupational therapies, behavioral health, and others. Partnering with internal and external groups and making full use of current technologies allows CE to provide a range of programming to meet the needs of many healthcare disciplines.

Why Choose NMC for Professional Developent



The Division of Professional Development (PD) offers high-quality, engaging, professional education while adhering to the standards and traditions of Nebraska Methodist College. Preparing healthcare professionals to thrive in a demanding and ever-changing industry, PD designs and manages cutting edge, needs-driven programming to prepare students, professionals and the community in every stage of professional development. Our passion for learning and higher education drives our organization to offer continuing education and career enhancement while contributing to the growth of the college.



The Division of Professional Development provides education today to achieve the goals of tomorrow.

PD strives to be the preferred source for professional education, empowering individuals and organizations to develop the skills necessary to thrive in healthcare.


Our Team

The Division of Professional Development continues to attract exceptional individuals who have a passion for healthcare. Through our Professional Education and Continuing Education programs, we are teaching the meaning of care, and are committed to making your career advancement our top priority.

To contact our team members, please click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions about our programming, refunds, registrations, and more, please click here.