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Rights and Responsibilities

Your Right to Know
Your Responsibilites
Your Right to Know
As a student or prospective student of Nebraska Methodist College, you have the right to know:
  • The estimated cost of attendance, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, transportation, typical room charges, and any additional program costs associated with your enrollment
  • What types of financial assistance are available from Federal, State, and institutional resources 
  • Which financial aid programs are based on need and which are not 
  • The procedures to apply for financial aid
  • The criteria for selecting recipients for each financial aid program, determining the amount of each award, and continued eligibility for each aid program
  • The method by which disbursements will be made to students and the frequency of those disbursements
  • What portion of financial aid is loan and the terms of the loan, including interest rate, grace period, and terms of repayment, including a sample repayment schedule
Your Responsibilites
Applicants and recipients of financial aid are responsible for:
  • Understanding and complying with the policies and procedures described on the NMC Financial Aid web site, the Forms & Policies page of the Financial Aid Portal, and in other correspondence provided by the NMC Financial Aid Office (including but not limited to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, Withdrawal Policies for Financial Aid Recipients, NMC Scholarship Policies)
  • Providing all information/documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office and complying with all deadlines
  • Notifying the financial aid office when your financial situation changes
  • Notifying the school, lender and loan servicers if there is a change in name, address, phone number, email address or enrollment status
  • Tracking the amount you have borrowed through all loan programs and repaying that amount according to the agreed upon schedule
  • Understanding the potential consequences if you drop or withdraw prior to completing the term for which aid was received