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Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Minor

The Spanish for Healthcare Professionals minor is designed for bachelor degree-seeking healthcare students
at Nebraska Methodist College. The six-course, 18 credit hour curriculum provides students with the practical
communication skills necessary for healthcare professionals working with Latino populations as well as a basic
understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures in the U.S.
The minor in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals is a blended curriculum of on campus and online courses that are
completed over two years. The courses are offered sequentially to help students build upon their knowledge and
experiences working with Spanish-speaking populations. Students who successfully complete the minor are prepared
to clearly communicate with Spanish-speaking patients to complete patient assessments, take patient histories and
instruct or assure patients in a clinical setting for medical-related issues. All courses require a minimum passing grade of
“C” or better to successfully complete the minor.

Advantages of the Spanish for Healthcare Professionals minor:

  • Delivered over six semesters, the minor can be easily added to your bachelor program - just ask your advisor for assistance
  • You gain cultural insights, experience and increased confidence as you learn to interact with your Spanish-speaking patients
  • Employers value healthcare professionals with the verbal and writing skills and abilities to overcome language barriers and communicate clearly with patients in the workplace

Course Sequence


COM 255 Beginning Healthcare Spanish

Courses in the Minor

COM 265 Intermediate Healthcare Spanish II - 3 credit hours
  • Offered Spring semester

COM 270 Healthcare Spanish Synthesis - 3 credit hours

  • Offered Summer semester

COM 360 Advanced Healthcare Spanish I - 3 credit hours

  • Offered Fall semester

COM 365 Advanced Healthcare Spanish II - 3 credit hours

  • Offered Spring semester

COM 370 Healthcare Spanish Community Engagement - 3 credit hours

  • Offered Summer semester

How To Declare Your Minor

Current Students

Please contact your advisor for assistance in registering for the minor in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (COM 230 prerequisite).

To get started, complete the following form:

Program Update Form (pdf download)

New Students

Please contact Admissions.

Placement Testing

Placement testing with college credit
Students with college credit may take a placement test to be placed in the appropriate level in the minor.

Placement testing for high school students
Heritage speaker students or those having strong prior Spanish academic coursework from high school may take a placement test to enroll in the minor.


For questions about the Spanish for Healthcare Professionals minor, contact:

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Jeanine Kernen
Assistant Professor
(402) 354-6517
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When I look at applications, having Spanish is a big plus! If two [applications from] nurses were equal, I would hire the one that had Spanish!

Patty Sullivan

Nurse Recruiter, Methodist Health System