RN to BSN Admissions

Prospective students may apply anytime and are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and students will be notified of their acceptance by letter or phone.

Next Application Deadline: Program Start Dates:
Rolling August, January or May

Validation of Credit

Once all requirements have been completed for the RN to BSN program, students will receive validation credit for the following:

Successful completion of SCI 315 Pathophysiology, the student will be awarded 14 validation credits for: SCI 103 College Chemistry
SCI 225 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
SCI 226 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
SCI 280 Microbiology
Successful completion of NRS 430 RN Professional Seminar, the student will be awarded 32 validation credits for:
SCI 240 Principles & Concepts of Nutrition
SCI 230 Pharmacology I
SCI 235 Pharmacology II
NRS 100/100C Introduction to Community-Based Nursing/Clinical Practicum
NRS 220/220C Community-Based Care with Adults/Clinical Practicum
NRS 240/240C Community-Based Care with Families/Clinical Practicum
NRS 340/340C Community-Based Care Across the Lifespan/Clinical Practicum

With successful completion of NRS 476/476C RN-BSN Community Health Nursing/Clinical Practicum, the student will be awarded 12 validation credits for:

NRS 245 Public Health Science I
NRS 345 Public Health Science II
NRS 350/350C Advanced Concepts in Community-Based Nursing/Clinical Practicum

With successful completion of NRS 480 Complexity in Nursing, the student will be awarded 12 validation credits for:

NRS 450/450C Community-Based Care: Complex Concepts Across the Lifespan/Clinical Practicum
NRS 462/462C Community-Based Care: Complexity of Aging/Clinical Practicum

The College Registrar will evaluate previous transcripts. To get started, contact Admissions today. 

RN to BSN Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator:

Laurel Zentner Laurel Zentner
(402) 354-7170