Surgical Technology Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Surgical Technology Program will:

  1. Demonstrate behavior commensurate with an ethical healthcare professional, capable of honesty and moral integrity necessary to uphold ideal patient care standards.

  2. Communicate clearly and effectively utilizing spoken, written and technical skills with patients, physicians and coworkers.

  3. Demonstrate the application of the principles of asepsis and surgical conscience in a knowledgeable manner that provides optimal patient care in the OR.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to perform as a cooperative team member in a variety of surgical procedures.

  5. Incorporate learned competencies to assemble and operate instrument, equipment and supplies for the delivery of patient care as an entry-level practitioner during basic surgical procedures.

  6. Recognize the importance of professional engagement through membership in professional organizations, complete the national certification exam, thereby earning the title of Certified Surgical Technologist (CST), and understand the necessity of life-long learning as a contribution to society.