Radiologic Technology Observation Requirements

Hospital/clinic observation in a radiology department is strongly recommended by the NMC Radiologic Technology Program for admission. This is your opportunity to weigh your interest in the field and to learn more about the Radiologic Technology profession. Radiographers [R.T.(R)], who are providing students the opportunity for this experience will need to verify your participation in writing completing the enclosed observation form. Four hours of observation are required to be considered as a potential applicant for the program. It is YOUR responsibility to arrange this observation with one of the clinical sites listed below.

  • Students need to complete a diagnostic radiology experience. Observation in Computed Tomography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, or Sonography will not be accepted.
  • Students should call ahead to the hospital/clinic of their choice to arrange an appointment for observation. Morning hours are prime hours for observation (8:00a.m.-12:00p.m.). Explain to the receptionist these four hours of observation are a pre-requisite for program admission.
  • Students should expect that it may be one to two weeks before the observation can be scheduled with the facility. Therefore, students are highly encouraged to complete this process as soon as possible.
  • Students are expected to dress professionally since they are completing this process as a representative of Nebraska Methodist College. When completing clinical hours of observation, students need to be mindful of the following: >No jeans, low rise pants or low cut/midriff tops
    • Wear low heeled, closed toe, non-slip comfortable shoes and dress pants.
    • No perfume (potential allergen)
    • Cosmetics and jewelry in moderation
  • Students should notify the hospital/clinic in the event of a late arrival or need to cancel. Canceling of a scheduled observation should be avoided if at all possible.
  • Students should be prepared to ask questions during their clinical observation. If the radiographer is involved in a procedure, please hold questions until after the exam is completed. This will help to minimize any disruption of the radiographic procedure.
  • Students are expected to follow any policies or directions given by hospital/clinic personnel without question. In the event a student is asked to leave a procedure for patient privacy, the student will be directed to a designated waiting area until the exam is completed. Students must remember the patient is always the radiographer’s first responsibility.
  • Students must observe patient confidentiality at all times. Most hospitals/clinics will request that students sign a confidentiality form prior to beginning the clinical observation. Cell phones are not allowed during the observation.
  • Students must keep interactions related to the scope of Radiologic Technology during their observation. Students are encouraged to inform the radiographer immediately if there are any problems or concerns while participating in this clinical observation.

Observation Opportunities with Methodist Health System

To begin the observation process through MHS, please contact: 

Tracy Durbin 
Chief Compliance Officer