Spiritual Development

At Nebraska Methodist College we feel that your spiritual development is an important part of your college experience.

The development of the Campus Ministry Department was based on the following key elements:

  • Core value of 'holism' in educational process as well as our view of human life.
  • Growing body of scientific knowledge regarding the integration of mind-body-spirit, in understanding how one maintains good health (prevention) and in the realm of healing (recovery) when one suffers from illness.
  • Interest in connecting with our roots as an institution started by the Methodist Church by nurturing that relationship today, while supporting students of all religious traditions, according to their interests and needs.

We are interested in your spiritual life/your faith journey, and want to support you throughout your time with us. Watch for opportunities that offer encouragement for you in your spiritual growth and development:

  • Discussion groups
  • Prayer services
  • Book studies
  • Service trips include time for personal and spiritual reflection
  • JOLT - an on campus student led group
  • The campus Chapel, a great place to be any given day!

I am also available to meet with students personally, or could develop an online forum if students are interested. If you have other suggestions, please bring to them to my attention.

For more information on the role spirituality plays in the lives of college students, please see the study by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, entitled, "The Spiritual Life of College Students." A brief reference to this study can be found in the Chapel or accessed online at www.spirituality.ucla.edu.

May you sense the presence and blessing of God while living and learning at NMC.

"A prudent [person] gives thought to their steps." Proverbs 14:15 NIV "Thinking determines life." - William James