Spirituality matters at Nebraska Methodist College. As a school created in 1891 through the efforts of Methodist deaconesses, we couldn't be prouder of our deep roots in a heritage of Christian faith and service. This is who we are.

Our spiritual roots are evidenced in a concrete way by the presence of our chapel. Located in the Riley Leinart Center, the chapel is dedicated to and designed for encouraging spiritual development.

Our chapel design includes important aspects of how we understand spirituality:

  • The Cross is a symbol and reminder of our roots in Christian faith and service and our ongoing affiliation with the United Methodist Church.
  • The Sculpture called "Unity Amidst Diversity" reminds us that our Christian heritage, rather than closing us, provides a basis for cultivating openness to persons of all cultures and religions.
  • The Stained Glass features imagery from nature and the Bible as well as broader religious themes.

The chapel is always open so students, faculty and staff will feel welcome...

  • to pray or reflect in the quiet
  • to connect with a friend
  • to gather a group
  • to take a little time away from the day's pressing concerns

We do not hold worship services at the chapel. Our hope is that, as they are interested, our students, faculty and staff will find a faith community in the Omaha metro to call their own.