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Spiritual Development

Spirituality matters at Nebraska Methodist College. As a school created in 1891 through the efforts of Methodist deaconesses, we couldn't be prouder of our deep institutional roots in a heritage of Christian faith and service. This is who we are.

What is Spirituality and Spiritual Development?

Spirituality means "related to the soul or spirit, the intangible part of each person that motivates, guides, and integrates their being." If everyone has a spirit, then spirituality is not only for persons who embrace a particular religion but includes all people.

Our Spiritual Development program works to integrate spirituality campus-wide as an important aspect of personal, professional and corporate development. We think spirituality matters not only for students, but also for our faculty, our staff and Nebraska Methodist College as a whole.

Key Aspects of Spiritual Development

A Spiritual Emphasis that correlates with one of our core values here at Nebraska Methodist College is highlighted on campus throughout the year. This Spiritual Emphasis is across the whole college, including students, faculty and staff. For the 2016-2017 academic year, our Spiritual Emphasis is calling, which relates to our core value of excellence. We define calling as "cultivating a sense of higher purpose that motivates, guides and sustains our work."

Pastoral care is available anytime for students, faculty and staff. We do our best to provide spiritual support for all who request it. If we are unable to meet your particular needs, we will gladly do what we can to connect you with the spirituality resources you are looking for.