Application Deadline:
March 18, 2016
June 10, 2016

Program Start Date:
January 2017

Prospective students may apply anytime and are accepted from deadlines throughout the year. Early application is encouraged so the student's transcripts can be evaluated. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and students will be notified of their acceptance by letter or phone.

This program offers an accelerated format for those possessing a degree in a non-nursing field and meeting prerequisites. Any associate, bachelor, or higher degree is acceptable. Students maintain a full-time status for 15 months - the last six weeks of which are spent in a one-on-one preceptorship.

Arts & Sciences Requirements

Before enrolling in the ACE Program, students must have completed the following courses, totaling 49-52 credit hours. These courses may be completed at NMC prior to matriculation or transferred from regionally accredited institutions.

Students who enter the program with an associate degree must also complete HUM 150: Critical Reasoning and Rhetoric; those with a Bachelor degree are given transfer credit for this class.

COM 101: English Composition SCI 226 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
HUM 150 Critical Reasoning & Rhetoric (Associate Degree applicants) SCI 240 Principles & Concepts of Nutrition
HUM 210 Introduction to Ethics SCI 280 Microbiology
HUM 255 World of Ideas: Historical Perspectives SSC 101 Introduction to Psychology
HUM 220/255/270* World of Ideas: Elective SSC 215 Lifespan Psychology
HUM 220/255/270* World of Ideas: Elective SSC 235 The Sociology of Culture
SCI 103 College Chemistry SSC 360 Introduction to Statistics
SCI 116 Medical Terminology SSC 370 Principles of Research
 SCI 225 Human Anatomy & Physiology I

*At least one of the two humanities elective courses must be in the Arts or Human Connection distribution area.

The College Registrar will evaluate previous transcripts. To get started, contact the Admissions office.