image of the NMC chapel in the riley leinart education center


The NMC chapel provides a space for students, faculty and staff to escape for a few moments from the busyness of our daily lives. The chapel is always open and all are welcome to spend some time in prayer, reflection, meditation or conversation in the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of the college chapel, located on the first floor of the Riley Leinart Center.

There is important symbolism throughout the chapel, including:

  • The Cross is a symbol and a reminder of our Methodist identity and heritage. 
  • The Stained Glass depicts the four seasons, recalling the words of Ecclesiastes that "to everything there is a season," reminding us of God's presence and care for us during the inevitable ups and down, joys and challenges, and changing seasons of our lives. 
  • The Sculpture, "Unity Amidst Diversity," highlights that NMC values and promotes inclusion and diverse perspectives, identities, and backgrounds - spirituality and religion, race and culture, gender and sexuality. 
  • The Circular Shape of the chapel is an expression of oneness, equality and wholeness, as well as a reminder of the cycle of life and the eternal nature of God.

All are welcome to use the chapel to take time to reflect, re-center and recharge!