The program requires a minimum of 124 credit hours (including prerequisite courses and program hours). All accelerated nursing degree students are required to complete specific coursework. This list should only be used as a curriculum guide. Course listings and required curriculum are subject to change. 

Included within this list is the Educated Citizen Core Curriculum. All students seeking to complete an undergraduate degree at Nebraska Methodist College must complete this set of general education requirements. As an educated citizen, NMC graduates are competent practitioners and respond productively to the complex dynamics of the world, utilizing a diversity of disciplines and perspectives.

ACE students following the recommended pattern of enrollment and completing all required arts and sciences courses prior to beginning the program can expect to complete the program in 12 months.

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Accelerated BSN Courses as of August 2020
Fall Term (August 2020) 25 Semester Credits
Spring Term (January 2021) 26 Semester Credits
Summer Term (May 2021) 18 Semester Credits
69 Total Credits