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Healthcare Analytics Certificate

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Healthcare Analytics Certificate Perks

Students in the program will gain knowledge in these topic areas:

  • Statistical measurement and analysis within the context of healthcare
  • Question development based on common workplace problems
  • Operational procedures in a healthcare system, including workplace efficiency and productivity
  • Question development, data collection, analysis and dissemination to solve healthcare-related events
  • Evaluation of effectiveness 

Healthcare organizations generate large amounts of data about patients, costs, supplies, staffing and procedures. A key challenge is to understand and develop insights from that data to improve patient care and services.

Obtaining a Healthcare Analytics Certificate from NMC will position you at the leading edge of where data science and healthcare meet.

This certificate program consists of three non-credit courses and will teach you how to identify a problem, analyze and interpret data, evaluate competing courses of action and successfully share your findings.

  • Flexible: All courses will be taught online
  • Accelerated: Each of the three courses will be taught in a condensed six-week format
  • Applied: Courses will emphasize real-world and applied examples versus theory and formulas
  • Meaningful: Courses will require meaningful assignments geared to healthcare 
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The cost of the entire certificate, including all three courses, is $1,000. There is no textbook requirement at this time. Registration for the certificate includes all three courses.

Students will register directly through the website and pay online. Payment for the entire certificate is due 10 days prior to the program's start date.

See the Refund/Cancellation Policy for conditions that apply if you cannot complete the certificate.

Questions regarding payment plans should be directed to Abby Bynum.

This course does not qualify for financial aid.

Certificate Cost $1,000


Basic Skill Set

There are no specific prerequisites for the certificate, and there is no application. However, you should have basic skills in the following:

  • The ability to prepare a document in MS-Word
  • Working knowledge of MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint
  • The ability to navigate the Internet
  • The ability to explore mathematical issues
  • The ability to evaluate information presented on a website
Technical Requirements

Students in the certificate program will need regular access to the Internet, as well as access to Microsoft Office (MS-Word, MS- Excel, and MS-PowerPoint) software.

Course Schedule
Fall 2020 Healthcare Analytics Cohort
Course 1 Dates Course 2 Dates Course 3 Dates
July 8 - Aug 18 Aug 26 - Oct 6 Oct. 14 - Nov. 24




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0 credit hours
This 6-week course provides an introduction to statistics and measurement in the context of the healthcare setting. Descriptive and inferential statistics will be discussed along with an overview of the concepts of reliability and validity and their application to common workplace problems. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to identify and implement the appropriate statistical test to answer common research questions. Additionally, students will be informed consumers of statistical research and be able to comprehend and synthesize statistical analysis.

0 credit hours
The purpose of this 6-week course is to provide students with a solid grounding on the operational procedures of the health care system. Lectures will discuss theories for increasing work place efficiency and productivity, methods for their implementation in a health care setting, and the application of these theories with common healthcare tasks such as scheduling and decreasing wait time. Additionally, lectures will discuss procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of a workplace system.

0 credit hours
This 6-week course explores statistical and research issues that are specific to epidemiology. Students will be introduced to practical methodological issues such as obtaining data for analysis and measuring the progress of completing a research project. Advanced statistical methods that are particularly relevant to the health care setting will be introduced. These topics include longitudinal data analysis, relative risk, and survival analysis.

Meet the Faculty

While any instructor can recite from a textbook, ours go a step further and draw from vast personal experience. Instructors here care as deeply about their students as they do the subject matter and it shows.

Meet the Faculty

Healthcare Analytics Certificate Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued once a student has been given access to the first course in the certificate sequence.

Should a student choose to cancel their registration prior to being given access, a request to cancel must be submitted in writing. The student shall be eligible to receive a refund of the tuition amount that the student had paid, less a $35 cancellation processing fee.

There is no cancellation fee if a student transfers their payment to another person's enrollment.

Non-participation does not relieve the student from obligation to pay for the certificate.

No refund shall be issued to a student who does not successfully complete the requirements or does not attempt to complete the requirements.

Should a student not progress, there is no refund.

Should a student require a break for personal or medical reasons, a written request must be submitted and approved before the student may transfer to a new cohort.

Students have one calendar year to complete the certificate, unless previous permission has been granted by Nebraska Methodist College staff. 

Certificate Audience

This non-credit certificate is tailored to the working professional who already has a bachelor's degree or higher. It's ideal for:

  • Managers, analysts, nurses, and staff who want to learn effective data analysis techniques they can apply on the job
  • Full-time professionals who want flexible, online course schedules
  • Any medical professional who wants a better understanding of data analysis, systems improvement, and data mining.

Time Commitment

Each course will require at least 6-8 hours of time per week.

You will need to budget time to:

  • Complete the required reading
  • Watch a narrated presentation
  • Review any supplemental reading and/or websites
  • Participate in the discussion board
  • Complete a homework assignment 

Your exact time commitment will depend on your previous experience and your ability to comprehend the course materials.

Schedule Stipulations

Students must complete all three courses to earn the certificate.

Students shall take each course progressively based on the schedule for their cohort.

Should a student require a break for personal or medical reasons, a written request must be submitted and approved before the student may transfer to a new cohort.

Students have one calendar year to complete the certificate, unless previous permission has been granted by Nebraska Methodist College staff.