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A Surgical Technology professional (also known as a surgical tech, surg tech or scrub) is a vital member of the surgical team in an operating room. A surgical technologist acts as a surgeon's trusted right hand by anticipating the needs of the surgeon and passing instruments during an operation.

What Surgical Technologists Do 

Surgical technology specialists are at the center of the action in surgery and never queasy at the sight of blood.  Surg techs are trained professionals who work under the direction of a surgeon and the medical team to deliver the highest level of patient care before, during and after the surgery.

Individuals certified in surgical technology take on many critical roles in the operating room.  Surg techs often help prepare patients for surgery, inspect and ensure surgical instruments are sterile, and make certain the operating room is organized for the medical team.  During surgery, surg techs help to position patients on the operating table and drape them with sterile cloths.  They troubleshoot equipment and may be called upon to clean and cauterize blood vessels or close wounds.