Methodist Health System Scholarships

The Methodist Health System provides benefits to their employees, including scholarships for college. The following opportunities are available for Health System employees.

For more information contact the Admissions Office at (402) 354-7200.

Carolyn Scott “Spirit of Excellence” Scholarship

Benefit: A $5,000 scholarship to be used for tuition, fees, and supplies for Health System employees seeking a Masters or Ph.D. degree

Eligibility: Registered Nurses or supervisory personnel working in Methodist Health System for a minimum of 12 hours per week for the past two years. Selection criteria include caring qualities, academic excellence, leadership potential and performance record.

Deadline: Applications are only available during the month of February for the upcoming academic year. Applications are due mid-March. Scholarship recipients will be notified in April and recognized at the annual Friends of the Foundation dinner.

Employee Development Grant

The Employee Development Grant (EDG) provides up to $1,600 a year for employees employed at the MHS for a minimum of two years and work a minimum of 16 hours a week.

Employee Development Grant Application

Dependent Discount Program

The Dependent Discount Program is available to legal dependents of MHS employees and provides a 20% discount of tuition only. The application form is available on the benefits page in the MHS Intranet.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides up to $2,000 a year for employees who have worked at least six months, at a minimum of 16 hours prior to the beginning of the semester or term. The actual amount is limited to tuition costs of a course or degree program that is directly related to the employee's current position or promotion within MHS.