Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Attending Nebraska Methodist College represents a major investment in your future. For most students, attending college takes planning and sacrifice. NMC recognizes that and is committed to helping you find every avenue to finance your education. View the Tuition by Program & Degree page for a comprehensive list of all fees for the Occupational Therapy master's degree.

Tuition per credit hour: $719

In addition to tuition, students may have to pay out-of-pocket for such things as:

  • Fieldwork uniforms
  • Travel accommodations
  • Site-specific background checks
  • Textbooks and treatment guides above and beyond required texts
  • Site-specific project needs
  • Additional tuition fees and associated expenses if a Level I or Level II Fieldwork experience is extended or repeated
  • Site-specific fees

Financial Assistance

There are several options to help you address the costs of the Occupational Therapist, MOT program:

  • Use available employee education benefit resources within your company.
  • Student loans. The college can work with you to administer this process. To be eligible, you are required to submit a FAFSA application. More details on our Financial Aid page. It is best to start this process early.

View our Financial Assistance page to learn about the Financial Assistance process, policies and options.