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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for colleges can be a burden, but Nebraska Methodist College provides an education of exceptional quality at competitive rates. And at Nebraska Methodist College, the value you receive from your education will last throughout your career.

Financial Obligation Policy

It is the responsibility of each student to satisfy all financial obligations to the College before course enrollment can be completed, prior to release of records, upon application for a degree, or before receipt of degree. The College may change any fees and charges at any time. At the end of the semester, student accounts with an outstanding balance will be referred to a collection agency for pursuit and potential litigation. All fees associated with collection agency placement will be added to the outstanding balance and is the responsibility of the student.

Your bill includes costs for tuition, student housing, testing fees and other mandatory fees. Acceptable arrangements for payment of tuition must be made no later than the Friday before the first week of the start of each semester. Securing adequate financial aid is considered payment on a student account. In cases where financial aid is not sufficient to cover the total due, full payment or arrangements for a payment must be made prior to the start of classes. Students not satisfying financial requirements will be administratively withdrawn from classes. Payment can be made online through your MyMethodist account. Log in to your account, and click on the Business Office tab.

Graduating Students

Graduating students should contact the NMC Business Office at least ten (10) business days prior to graduation. Students who do not satisfy both NMC and federal requirements concerning their accounts during the exit process will have their transcripts and diplomas or certificates held until the required arrangements have been made.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

All students registered for classes at NMC will be required to complete, sign and submit a Statement of Financial Responsibility to the Business Office. Upon submission of this document, you acknowledge your financial obligation to Nebraska Methodist College and the consequences associated with failure to meet those obligations.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Agreement and Disclosure Statement

En Espanol:

 Spanish Statement of Financial Responsbility

 Spanish Agreement and Disclosure Statement

Payment of Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are due on the first day of classes each semester. If all students do not start a semester on the same day, the due date for paying tuition and fees shall be the first day of classes for on-ground/on-campus students.

Payment arrangements are available and must be made in advance by contacting the Business Office.

Payments can be made via your MyMethodist account or by contacting the Business Office.

Electronic Refunds

Direct deposit of excess funds will be deposited from your student account to your bank account. To begin the sign-up process, send an email to the NMC Business Office.

The Business Office assesses student accounts each semester or term for tuition, fees, residence hall and miscellaneous fees. Statements are available for viewing three weeks prior to the start of the upcoming semester/term. Please contact the NMC Business Office or call (402) 354-7105 to review payment options.