Campus Health Services

NMC Campus Health is here to keep you healthy while you focus on your studies.  You can expect the same types of services here that you can get from your family doctor. Campus Health also provides all immunizations, physicals, TB and lab tests that are required for class and clinical participation.

Learn more about our policies, immunization requirements and general information.

Zika Virus

Campus Health Services is monitoring the Zika Virus situation closely. Please refer to the CDC website for the most current Zika Virus information.

West Nile Virus

West Nile virus is another mosquito-borne illness and one that is found in Nebraska. Follow this link for more information from the CDC.

The Campus Health Center is located on the second floor of the 501 Building. To book an appointment, please dial 402-354-7211. Alternately, you may visit the Campus Health Student Portal to make an appointment online.


The mission of the Campus Health Center is to enrich the academic experience and to support student retention by providing quality medical care that is accessible and affordable to the campus community.