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Center for Health partnerships

The programs of the NMC Center for Health Partnerships promote healthy communities through partnerships that focus on providing basic healthcare, healthcare education, and related learning opportunities to underserved populations.  


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Bridge to Healthcare

The Nebraska Methodist College Bridge to Healthcare is a pilot program that will provide educational experiences for low-income, first-generation, and other underrepresented students.  The purpose of this program is to provide a one-year academic supportive learning community to prepare students for one of the degree programs at Nebraska Methodist College.

This program is designed for students who show academic promise but whose GPA or ACT are too low for NMC admittance.  The one-year Bridge to Healthcare program is designed to get students academically ready for their degree program.  Students who successfully complete all the Bridge Program components and pass all courses with a grade of  "C" or higher will be eligible for admission to NMC in the following fall.  Additional support will be provided for these Bridge students throughout their tenure at NMC.

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Careers in Science

Careers in Science is a collaboration with Omaha Central High School and the Central High School Foundation.  It is designed to introduce high school students to healthcareers and the college preparation necessary to pursue them.  Each year, interested students come to the NMC campus to participate in a program which includes visits to program laboratories, tours of the College and of student housing, and a general introduction to higher education in healthcare. 

Community Scholars

CfHP Community Scholars are senior level nursing students who collaborate with community agencies to effect change on a public health issue which concerns them.    Community Scholars  identify this public health issue during their junior year,  and are connected with a community agency addressing that issue.  Scholars work with the agency during their senior year on a project agreed upon between the Scholar and the community partner. 

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Fourth Grade Learning Day

Fourth Grade Learning Day provides an opportunity for fourth grade students from an Omaha Public School to be exposed to a collegiate setting. Students participate in several hands-on activities during their time on NMC's campus and learn what it takes to become a college student.  The Center assumed the coordination of Fourth Grade Learning Day in 2012.


NMC alternative-break service immersion trips have been held since 2004. Typically, NMC offers three service immersions each year, which take place either during the fall break, winter break and spring break.   These experiences are intended deepen students' knowledge of community issues, build cultural competence and expand community. Each immersion is crafted around a particular health related topic.

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Mobile Diabetes Center

The Mobile Diabetes Center is a partnership between Nebraska Methodist College Center for Health Partnerships and the Cosmopolitan, Cornbelt Diabetes Connection.  The partnership works to expand and deepen community health impact by providing NMC students, faculty and alumni with an opportunity to address diabetes health issues for a variety of urban and rural populations.

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Our Families' Health

Our Families' Health is a community education program that prepares individuals to engage as health promoters, "promotoras,"  in their own communities in the states of Iowa and Nebraska. Participants in the program receive instruction in leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, service coordination, capacity building, advocacy, teaching and health literacy.

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College Challenge

The College Challenge is college preparation program funded by the College Access Challenge Grant.  Nebraska Methodist College received the grant from the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education.  NMC first received the College Access Challenge grant in 2010.  The College Challenge program offers a variety of services and activities to help low-income and underrepresented students pursue post-secondary education.

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Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded college preparation program through the U.S. Department of Education.  NMC first received Upward Bound funding in 2007.  The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits.

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