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Transfer Guides

This simple interactive tool allows you to look up a course you have taken at a different institution and see its equivalent course at NMC.

How to Use the NMC Transfer Guides

  1. Find and Select the institution where you took courses to view all equivalencies for that institution.
  2. View all equivalencies OR click Search and enter the Course/Subject Code for the transfer institution (select Transfer Course button) or the Course/Subject Code for the NMC course (select Equivalent Course button) and click Search.
  3. Find your transfer course in the left-hand column. The right-hand column will tell you the NMC equivalent.
  4. Select the "Triangle" button next to the course for additional notes about the transfer course.
  5. Courses can be added to a list by selecting the course and clicking the "Add My List" button in the top right. You can view all courses added to your list by clicking the "Add My List" button in the top right corner. This list can be printed or emailed.