Rooming Options

Nebraska Methodist College is dedicated to providing its students with the facilities they need for their education. We realize that living situations are not the same for all students. We offer three different rooming options at Josie's Village:
  • single living
  • living with a roommate
  • family living

Each option includes unique benefits and provides all of the same great amenities.

Single Living

student housing

One-bedroom apartments allow for more flexibility and privacy for returning and non-traditional students.  This option offers a more independent living environment and is available to students who have had at least one year of college experience; however, exceptions for incoming traditional-age freshmen will be made on an individual basis. 


Living with a Roommate

student housing

Two-bedroom apartments provide both the privacy of your own bedroom while enjoying the experience of living with a college roommate. Students have the option of requesting or being assigned a roommate. Meet new friends, expand study skills and engage in new experiences by living with a roommate.

Family Living

student housing

Nebraska Methodist College offers family housing for married students, with or without dependent children, or single custodial parents, residing with dependent children.  A combination of one- and two-bedroom apartments are available; apartment assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.