Michael Levine, MD image Michael Levine, MD, is leading the inaugural seminar in the Levine Scholar Program.

Levine Scholar Program

The Levine Scholar Program is an interdisciplinary honors program that engages a small number of high achieving undergraduate students to help them deliver high quality healthcare using good clinical judgment as they enter into practice.

This seminar course is a "bridge to practice" that uses mentoring to build the student's skill set in the areas of communication, leadership, collaboration and professional demeanor.

Based on the Educated Citizen model, students will explore the outcome of Critical Thinking. Students will also analyze, evaluate and create possible solutions for current healthcare issues. 

In the first cohort, during the 2017 fall semester, Sonography and Nursing students interested in obstetrical nursing will meet once a month with Dr. Levine. At the conclusion of the semester, they will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate professional communication skills for entry into professional practice.
  2. Integrate collaborative skills as a valued healthcare provider. 
  3. Examine a culture of safety to ensure competent care measures for patients in clinical settings.
  4. Display holistic and compassionate care in a manner that facilitates well-being.
  5. Integrate culturally competent professional care while incorporating caring, human dignity, integrity and social justice.
  6. Synthesize the Educated Citizen critical thinking concept as a comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, artifacts and events.