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Social Justice and Inclusion Council


The Social Justice and Inclusion Council was created in 2017 to address issues of diversity and inclusion at Nebraska Methodist College.


Develop processes and goals that include the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to create learning environments that foster equitable participation of all groups and seek to address issues of oppression, privilege, and power.

Council Members


Allison Kinney-Walker and Kiley Petersmith


Melissa Kimmerling, Hilary Applequist, Jillian Krumbach, Jackie Lee, Melissa Siedlik, Lori Shaw-Warren, Lisa Johnson, Whitney Robertson, Marsha Yembi and Natalie Dowty

Institutional Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Statement

Nebraska Methodist College respects the dignity and inherent worth of all people. We value inclusion, diversity, equity, social justice and human rights. We accept the responsibility to educate individuals to foster cultural diversity and inclusivity in their professional practice. 

Programs/Initiatives 2018-2020

  1. Developed diversity and inclusion questions to include on the annual student survey
  2. Facilitated Implicit Bias training for faculty/staff
  3. Hosted Black History Month events
  4. Provide monthly educational materials on different diversity and inclusion topics including: addressing food insecurity, respecting people with disabilities, and other social justice issues.
  5. Developed student Social Justice & Inclusion Facebook group and have hosted sustained dialogue conversations with student body.