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NMClink: Technology-Enriched Learning

Nebraska Methodist College (NMC) is at the forefront of educating and developing the next generation of healthcare professionals. In the ever-changing world of healthcare and technology, it has become clear that our students and staff must also adapt to help provide patients the highest quality care.

Infusing Technology & Learning

The NMClink initiative was created to infuse technology and innovation into our environment while remaining true to our mission of "..developing individuals in order that they may positively influence the health and well-being of the community."

NMClink will enhance our curriculum and make it more relevant to the next generation of learners and create new and engaging environments. In collaboration with Apple® and Nebraska Methodist Health System, NMC is implementing a program where all full-time, on-campus students will receive a new Apple iPad®, Apple Pencil® and keyboard case, beginning in Fall of 2020.

The program involves much more than just Apple iPads®, however.  It is a new curriculum, new delivery methods, new tools and resources.  It is an entirely new approach to teaching, learning and serving our students.

Nursing Student Using iPad Technology

NMClink Program Goals

  • Provide a standard learning platform for all of our students.
  • Create an engaging and exciting learning environment.
  • Better prepare our students to succeed in their increasingly digital world.
  • Empower our faculty to incorporate innovative methods into their teaching.
Nursing Student Using an iPad


Apps and Downloads
  • Notability is NMC's supported note taking app. It allows typed and hand written notes as well as sketching. Students will also have the ability to record lectures with this app (please discuss with your individual instructor).
  • Picmonic - is a tool will assist students with memorizing complex medical terms and understanding overall human anatomy.
  • Office 365/Outlook gives students full access to Microsoft Office tools including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as email access through Outlook.
The NMC CREATE Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Clark Building, will be providing onsite, online, individual and group training for NMC students.
Respiratory Care Student using an iPad

Care and Maintenance

Each NMC iPad® includes AppleCare+which provides 24/7 phone and text support for the Apple OS as well as Apple Apps for our students. It also extends your iPad, and Apple Pencil warranty coverage and includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage every 24 months. Each incident is subject to a service fee of $49 for iPad and $29 for Apple Pencil.

If your Device is lost, stolen or damaged

  • If lost/stolen - call (402) 354-2280 and report it immediately. Also please report the device to the Ed Tech Help Desk at
  • If your iPad or Pencil is damaged you can either contact the NMC Ed Tech Helpdesk, or using AppleCare+, take your device directly to the Village Point Apple Store.


Please visit the Policies and Procedures page to view the following policies related to NMClink:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Recording of Classroom Sessions

NMClink FAQ's


What is NMClink? 

NMCLink was created to infuse technology and innovation into our environment while remaining true to our mission of “... developing individuals in order that they may positively influence the health and well-being of the community.”  

NMClink will enhance our curriculum and make it more relevant to the next generation of learner, and create new and engaging environments.  The program involves much more than just iPads.  It is a new curriculum, new delivery methods, new tools and resources.  It is an entirely new approach to teaching, learning and serving our students. 


Who gets an iPad?

Beginning in fall 2020, full-time, degree-seeking students involved in on campus classes (including on campus graduate level Occupational Therapy students) will participate in the NMClink 1:1 Learning Initiative.

When will students receive iPads?

All students (both new and returning) will receive their iPads in August 2020.

What are the benefits of learning on an iPad?

NMC has the opportunity to transform teaching, learning and student services by utilizing digital technologies. Digital content on the iPad will further engage our students while empowering faculty to incorporate innovative methods into their teaching. Without the constraints of the typical classroom, NMC students can use the iPad to access learning, well-being and health profession-specific resources from anywhere. Additional benefits include:

  • Personalized learning
  • Improved collaboration
  • Enhanced technological and digital fluency
  • Greater connectivity and mobility
  • Better preparation to succeed in our increasingly digital world


Do students have to pay for the iPads?

The devices will be provided to students and considered part of their NMC education.


Does the iPad come with accessories?

Yes! Each NMC iPad comes with an Apple Pencil, keyboard case, and a charger. Additional iPad accessories can be purchased online or in retail stores at the student’s own expense.

How will professors use the iPads in their classes?

Use of iPads in the classroom will vary. NMC is investing significant resources to train faculty on how to incorporate iPads into their teaching. Faculty will use iPads in different ways and it will vary from course to course. Examples may include:

  • Providing student feedback in multiple formats (e.g. written, verbal, video, etc.)
  • Adding photography or videography to class assignments
  • Connecting with experts via teleconferencing tools such as FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, or WebEx
  • Assessing students’ understanding of class content so they can answer questions in real-time
  • Creating course-specific content, which eliminates the need for expensive textbooks
Will iPads be used in every class?

While iPads will not be used in every class at first, over time their use will become more prevalent. Different faculty members and departments will use iPads in different ways.

How will students incorporate the use of the iPads outside of the classrooms?

This will vary and grow over time. The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to see how the devices become used as a regular part of campus life. Possibilities include things like:

  • Advanced note taking and recording courses (see Classroom Recording Policy)
  • Making videos,
  • Using the iPad to do coursework while traveling for activities such as the Mobile Diabetes Unit
  • Tracking health and wellness efforts
  • Composing music, making videos, live streaming, events, speakers, and many more.
What makes an NMC iPad different from a store-bought iPad?

The NMC iPad is a customized device that you use in your studies here at the College. It is integrated with the Nebraska Methodist Health System and will be pre-loaded with the Self-Service app, where students can download specific educational apps and other types of digital content that have already been paid for by NMC.

A store-bought iPad does not come with these materials and resources, and these options cannot be added to personal devices.


Will students be able to customize their iPad?

Yes. Students will have access to change settings on their iPad to match their preferences. NMC apps will be made available on the iPad through the pre-installed Self-Service app, but students will be able to add additional apps if they so choose.

Do students buy the apps for the iPad or does NMC?

NMC will purchase some apps as part of a group licensing agreement. These apps will be available through the Self-Service app, which is pre-loaded on the device when it is picked up.

These apps include Microsoft Outlook for calendar and email, as well as Office 365 which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

NMC will also provide Notability, a powerful note taking and lecture recording tool.

Students will not need to buy or pay for those apps that have been pre-loaded. However, there may be some classes that require purchasing additional apps that are not pre-loaded onto the device. Students will be responsible for the purchase and download of these, as they would other materials such as textbooks or other instructional supplies.

Will the iPad have a data plan?

No, there is no data plan or cellular modem included. The devices are Wi-Fi enabled. Students will be able to access the NMC Wi-Fi network on their devices anywhere on the NMC campus.

Is NMC committed to only one type of technology?

No. The NMC Link initiative will continue to challenge NMC faculty and staff to use a wide variety of technology for teaching, learning and serving our students. We also expect our students through the NMClink initiative to influence how NMC uses technology for teaching, learning and connecting students with resources and each other.

The iPads will be a common tool in NMC’s integrated learning community, but other computers and technology devices can and will be used across the College.

Will NMC continue to be a Microsoft & Google apps school?

Yes! In fact, the use of Google & Microsoft apps will expand as faculty incorporate more functionality into their courses. The iPad makes it easier for faculty and students to more consistently access the information.

Will the existing computer labs be removed?

Existing computer labs will remain for 2020 - 2021. College leadership will determine any future adjustments.

Will this change impact student services or other departments on campus?

Yes!  Many of NMC’s student service departments are engaging in virtual meetings, sharing academic and wellness resource material, as well as offering telehealth services using iPads and other technologies. 

Is there a technology or related fee being charged to support this?

NMC Students pay a comprehensive Tech Fee each semester.  This fee does not go toward the purchase of iPads. 

The fee supports overall on campus and online education technology and infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, bandwidth, general technological infrastructure, service platforms, etc.


Do students still need to purchase textbooks?

Students will still need to buy their textbooks for class, but in the future, in many classes, they will have the option of selecting a printed textbook or an e-book.

Over time, our faculty will create their own, customized content that will reduce the need for traditional textbooks.

Who owns the iPad?

The iPad, and included accessories, are the property of NMC.

Can students sell their iPad?

No. The iPad, and included accessories, are the property of NMC.

What if a student withdraws, transfers, or takes a leave of absence from NMC?

If a student withdraws, transfers, or takes a leave of absence from NMC, they will be required to return their devices and all included accessories immediately.

Students will be charged the full replacement cost for any unreturned equipment.

What is the Return Policy at graduation?

Prior to departure from NMC, students will be required to return their devices and accessories.

If equipment is not returned, the student will be subject to the full package price. Diplomas and transcripts may also be subject to a hold if the equipment is not returned.

If a student already has an iPad or a laptop, can they use that?

NMC Link iPads are customized for students to use as part of their education here. They allow the college to provide apps and digital content to students to support them in their classes.

Because NMC is supplying the iPads, as well as the apps that can only be shared with college-owned devices, we are able to provide better support services, including immediate replacement, if needed.

Students may complement the use of the iPad with a personal laptop, if desired.


Do students still need to buy a laptop?

The answer depends on what they plan to do. The iPad will cover most students’ computing needs. Others may want to purchase a computer with additional features.

The iPad can do many of the same functions of a computer, but there may be specific software programs and tasks that will not work on the iPad. 

What about personal use and privacy?

Students should treat the iPad as if it were their own. Provided they keep enough space available for classroom needs, they can use it for personally downloaded apps, photos, videos, music, and more.

NMC does not actively monitor activity unless there is a legal or academic obligation to do so.

Will students be monitored by the College on their iPad?

No, students will not be monitored.  However, we expect students to use their iPad ethically and in accordance with the College Code of Conduct.

The iPad will have a remote management function installed that allows NMC to push updates and apps to the iPad without needing to bring it to the Ed Tech Help Desk.

There will also be a homing and enabling function installed that will allow NMC to “ping” the device and turn it off if it is lost or stolen.


Will training be available for students on how to use their iPad?

Initial training on how to utilize the iPad and incorporate it into the classroom experience will be available from CREATE both online and on-site.

There will also be an Escape Challenge that will provide students with many insights to the powerful capabilities of this new tool and how they can be leveraged in the classroom. 

In addition to the online resources, NMC will have a team of students available at the Student Engagement Center to answer drop-in questions as well as deliver onsite classes to develop effective use of this new tool. 

Staff and student peers will also be available to answer questions. Apple also has several training resources available at on the Apple site and via


Are there rules students must follow when using iPads?

Yes. iPads are powerful tools for recording and exploring the world around us. Their ease of use and mobility make filming and recording activities fun and exciting to share.

However, there can be other consequences if they are used to invade the privacy of others. Students who use their iPad inappropriately may face consequences at the discretion of the college.

Please reference the College Code of Conduct for more information.


Can I “jailbreak” the iPad?

No, you may not. Jailbreaking these devices makes it difficult or impossible to update the device and push out apps you are expected to access.

You will be charged a damage fee for modifying the device in this way and face consequences under the College Code of Conduct.


Do students have insurance on their iPad?

Each NMC iPad is insured with AppleCare, which provides repair coverage for your iPad and its battery, including coverage for up to two incidents of damage from handling. Each repair is subject to a maximum service fee of $49, plus applicable tax. AppleCare terms:

What happens if a student’s iPad, Apple Pencil, or charger gets lost, stolen, or damaged?

If a student device is damaged there is a program via AppleCare that may allow the unit to be repaired for a fee for $49.  Pencils and Keyboard cases will be responsibility of the student.  Students are required to sign a User Agreement that states they are fully responsible for their devices.

If a student’s assigned device is lost, stolen or damaged, they should immediately report it to Campus Security as well as the Ed Tech Help Desk. Fees to cover iPad damage or loss will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


What safety measures exist?

The iPad is required to be locked with a pass code and the “Find My iPad” service enabled via iCloud. That way, if the iPad is taken, no one can access a student’s private information, and they will have a greater chance of locating and retrieving the iPad.

Methodist’s remote management system will also allow the college to disable the device if it is lost or stolen, thereby making it useless.

Questions or Comments?

Have questions and comments? Download a full list of FAQ's here or email Ed Tech if you can't find the answer you need.

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