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Distinguished Educator Award

Distinguished Educator Award Winners


Headshot of Lane Sidebottom

Lane Sidebottom

Lane received her Doctor of Health Sciences degree through the Krannert School of Physical Therapy at the University of Indianapolis in 2014.  Before coming to Nebraska Methodist College, Lane taught at the University of New Mexico as an adjunct faculty member in the Physical Therapy Department. 
Her clinical practice has focused on the treatment of adults with neurologic disorders such as traumatic brain injury and stroke.  She has a specialty certification in cognitive rehabilitation therapy.


Headshot of Harsha Sharma

Harsha Sharma

Teaching is Dr. Sharma's passion, and her love of teaching is what brought her to Nebraska Methodist College where she teaches varied science courses in the Division of Arts and Sciences.  She also has been an adjunct faculty member at Bellevue University since 2003. As a postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC, 1996), Dr. Sharma conducted research that examined the role of bHLH transcription factors in retinal development. She cloned NeuroD cDNA from rat and primate retina, and mapped the temporal and spatial aspects of NeuroD expression in the developing rat retina. In 1997, Dr. Sharma also served as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Vision Sciences in the School of Optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB 1997), where her cataract research focused on D-Crystalline degradation and association of its fragments with water soluble-high molecular weight (WS-HMW) proteins.


Headshot of Sophie FengSophie Feng

After graduating from medical college, Dr. Feng practiced cardiology for six years, and then reentered in the graduate school studying sports Medicine. She also holds M.S. in Sports Medicine. From 2002 to 2007, she completed her post-doctoral training at Creighton University. Dr. Feng was a co-PI of several grants, which most of them were from NIH. Her research examines pathological effects on cardiomyopathy and other elder diseases, effects of genetic modifications on the athletes' performance, along with the aspects of high frequency hearing loss by using molecular techniques.



Headshot of Karin Bellows

Karin Bellows

Karin has been a diagnostic radiologic technologist with the Methodist Health System since 2011. She was a clinical preceptor before accepting the position of Clinical Coordinator at Nebraska Methodist College in 2017. 

About this Award

The NMC Distinguished Educator Award recognizes faculty members for demonstrating knowledge in the latest pedagogical tools, integrating technology into their curriculum and being well-versed in resources available from the College.
To be nominated for the Distinguished Educator Award, faculty must complete five modules focused on technology integration and active learning. The modules culminate with a peer presentation.
Dr. Deb Carlson, president and CEO, and Dr. Amy Clark, vice president of academic affairs, present faculty with the NMC Distinguished Educator Award.

The Distinguished Educator title requires renewal every two years.

How to Apply

Nomination Requirements
The following five modules are required for nomination as an NMC Distinguished Educator.
  1. ACUE certification (40+ hour commitment)
  2. Apple teacher certification (10-20 hour commitment)
  3. Anatomage check off (30-60 minute commitment)
  4. Active learning in a modular classroom check off (30 minute commitment after ACUE)
  5. Peer presentations (10-20 hours of prep and delivery)

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