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Academic Advising Program

The NMC Academic Advising Program encourages student engagement and decision-making that results in positive student educational experiences.  Academic advisors facilitate student development and promote academic success.  

NMC advisors engage students and other members of the college population to participate actively in academic interactions by:

  • Building relationships
  • Developing an understanding of academic program curriculum requirements
  • Listening and supporting
  • Referring to assistive resources
  • Fostering informed decision-making
  • Teaching about college resources, policies and procedures
  • Coaching how to navigate and communicate in a higher education environment
  • Discussing education and career interests and options

Advisors encourage and teach educational planning. Other topics addressed may include financial, personal and identity development concerns as expressed by students.  Generally, this is within the context of a student’s ability to succeed in their respective academic endeavors. (Larson, et al, 2018)


Larson, J., Johnson, A., Aiken-Wisniewski, S., and Barkemeyer, J., (2018). What is Academic Advising? An Application of Analytic Induction. NACADA Journal: 2018, Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 81-93.

Advisor by Program

List of advisors by program, with contact and appointment scheduling information

Common Questions

Who is my academic advisor?

Your advisor is assigned based on your NMC academic program. Please check the Advisor by Program list.

If you are unable to identify your advisor, please contact Neil Volker at

How do I contact my academic advisor?

Email is great. Phone calls work, too. Please find your advisor’s contact information in the Advisor Directory or the Advisor by Program list.

How can I make an appointment with my advisor?

Please review your Advisor’s appointment scheduling information on their biography page in the Advisor Directory or the Advisor by Program list.

How am I assigned an academic advisor?

Students are assigned based on NMC academic program.

Other considerations:

  • Students participating in the TRiO program are assigned to Dr. Lisa Johnson.
  • Traditional BSN student assignments are based on the first letter of student’s last name.
  • Jane McClure works with BSN students with last names beginning A – J.
  • Alina Borkowski works with BSN students with last names beginning K – Z.

What is the role of my academic advisor?

Your academic advisor promotes academic and personal successes, facilitates understanding of college policies and procedures, encourages problem solving and serves as an advocate for you and the college.

What does my academic advisor do?

Your academic advisor wants to help you make informed decisions while you maximize your college experience. This includes:

  • Listening to you.
  • Education planning so you graduate on time.
  • Course identification related to your academic and professional interests.
  • Identifying concerns and challenges.
  • Referral to supportive resources.
  • Help with policies and procedures.
  • Checking on your progress.

Your academic advisor can teach you how to create an education plan, read your advising worksheet, request helpful resources, and build a schedule and register for classes.

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