Threat of Campus Violence

Active Shooter

While the number is relatively small, the number of violent incidents on college campuses involving active shooters has increased and warrants the development of appropriate policies and procedures to best protect the NMC campus community. Please review the procedures on how to handle this type of situation.

Active Shooter Procedures

Campus Lockdown

A threat of violence MAY include, but is not limited to, a person on or near campus with a weapon, the lock down of nearby schools, or significant law enforcement action in the neighborhood adjacent to campus. In the event of any threat that has the potential of causing harm or injury to any person(s) on campus, the College may "lock-down" to protect occupants and minimize the overall exposure to danger.

The term 'lockdown' can be defined as an emergency course of action taken by an agent of authority, such as security, administration, or law enforcement officials, to contain a problem or incident within the area of its origin by controlling the movement of people.

At NMC, a Campus Lockdown means that the doors leading outside of the building are locked and access will be restricted. Security supervision of individuals wishing to exit the building is strongly encouraged and may be required in certain situations.

Lockdown Procedures:

  • An announcement will be made that a campus lockdown has been ordered E2campus emergency notification system will be activated.
  • All external doors will be locked Depending on the nature of the emergency, direct supervision by security when entering or exiting the building(s) may be require.
  • Once in "Lockdown," individuals will be permitted to move about the facility, unless otherwise directed

Criminal Activity on Campus (Blue Light)

If you notice or become suspicious of any criminal activity, secure your safety first, and then report the incident or concern by following the following steps. It is everyone's responsibility to be alert to and report any criminal activity or suspicious behavior.

Steps to take:
  1. Attempt to remove yourself from danger
  2. Call 911 (or 9-911 from campus phone) from a safe location if possible.
  3. If possible, provide police/security with: Location of crime Nature of crime and specifics (number of people, weapons, etc) Any injuries Description of suspect(s) Direction of travel Description of vehicles involved in crime DO NOT pursue or attempt to stop suspects

If you are outdoors and you feel that you are in danger or fearful for your personal safety:

  1.  Locate the nearest Blue Light and activate it by pressing the red button. NOTE- Blue lights are not for car trouble, flat tires or other non-emergency
  2. Blue Light activation goes directly to Hospital Operator who will address you through the speaker- provide all information to the operator
  3. The Operator will notify security.

Weapons Free Campus

To protect all individuals on any Methodist Health System Campus from the potential danger of carried and/or concealed weapons.

The Methodist Health System prohibits all persons who enter the premises from carrying or otherwise possessing a handgun, firearm, or prohibited weapon of any kind, regardless of whether or not the person is licensed to carry or possess the weapon. This policy applies to all persons on Methodist Health System premises, including employees, contractors, visitors, patients, and physicians, except as noted in the "Exceptions" below.
Employees are also prohibited from carrying or otherwise possessing a weapon while in the course and scope of performing their job, whether or not they are on Methodist Health System premises at the time and whether or not they are licensed to carry or otherwise possess a weapon. This policy also prohibits weapons at all Methodist Health System sponsored functions such as parties, picnics or continuing education.

The only exceptions to this policy are:

  1. Law enforcement officers specifically authorized by law to carry a weapon; and
  2. Those persons who have been given specific written permission by Methodist Health System to carry or otherwise possess a weapon on the premises.

"Methodist Health System premises" include, without limitation, all Methodist Health System owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots under Methodist Health System ownership or control. Methodist Health System vehicles are covered by this policy at all times regardless of whether they are on Methodist Health System premises at the time. "Prohibited weapons" include any form of weapon or explosive restricted under local, state or federal regulation. This includes all firearms, illegal knives or other weapons (including tasers) covered by the law. (Legal, chemical dispensing devices such as pepper sprays that are sold commercially for personal protection are not covered by this policy.) If an employee, contractor, or visitor has a question about whether an item is covered by this policy, the individual should immediately contact Security. Persons entering Methodist Health System premises will be held responsible for making certain beforehand that any potentially-covered item is not prohibited by this policy.

The Methodist Health System reserves the right to conduct searches of any person, vehicle or object that enters the Methodist Health System premises. Pursuant to this provision, Methodist Health System is authorized to search lockers, desks, purses, briefcases, baggage, toolboxes, lunch sacks, clothing, vehicles parked on Methodist Health System premises, and any other item in which a weapon may be hidden. Additionally, Methodist Health System may search a vehicle owned by it and used by the employee, and a vehicle owned by an employee that is being used to conduct business on behalf of Methodist Health System, regardless of whether the vehicle is located on Methodist Health System premises at the time. Searches will only be conducted by Security, the Omaha Police Department or other individuals specifically designated by Security or Administration. To the extent the search is requested by Methodist Health System management and the employee is present, the employee may refuse the search; provided, however, that such refusal can result in termination of employment for refusal to cooperate. Methodist Health System reserves the right to conduct searches on its premises or authorize searches by law enforcement on its premises without the employee being present.

Further, carrying or otherwise possessing a weapon on the Methodist Health System premises in violation of this policy will be considered an act of criminal trespass and will be grounds for the immediate removal of the person from Methodist Health System premises. It may also result in prosecution. Additionally, failure by an employee to abide by all terms and conditions of this policy may result in discipline, up to and including termination from employment. Any known or suspected violation of this policy should immediately be reported to Security or Human Resources. In all cases, employees need to keep their safety and that of our patients and visitors at the forefront. No action should be initiated if it places patients or employees at risk. Security and/or Administration will have the final responsibility to recommend action and determine whether or not other resources are needed.

All Methodist Health System campus locations will post appropriate signs at main entrances for the public and employee entrances.