Safety Tips

Listed below are a variety of safety tips for NMC students, employees and visitors to campus.

Suspicious Behavior

People are not suspicious, but behavior is. If you notice a suspicious person or activity on campus, contact Security immediately. If you are unsure if you should call, CALL!

Examples of suspicious behavior include:

  • Unusual noises, including screaming, fighting, or breaking glass.
  • People who do not appear to be conducting legitimate business.
  • People who appear to be loitering.
  • Persons abandoning parcels or other items in unusual locations, such as the lobby or elevator.

On Campus Safety Tips

  • Be alert! Being alert to what and who is around you is your best defense. Walk with a self-assured stride, hold your head up, and look around. Individuals who appear to be strong, confident, and in control are less attractive targets.
  • Avoid walking on or around campus alone at night. Use the buddy system or contact Security for an escort.
  • Avoid using shortcuts, routes that are less-traveled, and routes that may obscure you from being seen by others.
  • Have your keys or ID card ready in your hand as you approach a campus building or your vehicle.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you. If someone is following you or you think someone is following you, immediately contact Security.

Campus Housing Safety Tips

  • Secure your apartment when you leave home by locking all doors and windows.
  • Never prop open building or apartment doors.
  • Do not loan your ID card or keys to anyone.
  • Report suspicious individuals to Security immediately.

Office/Work Safety Tips

  • Always secure your personal property while at work (e.g. store your purse in a locked file cabinet).
  • Don't bring valuables, jewelry, or large amounts of money to work.
  • Lock your office door, even if you are leaving only for a few minutes.
  • If you are working alone early in the morning, late at night, or on a weekend, ensure that the exterior building doors and your office door remain locked. Let Security know you are on campus working and ask for an escort to your car when you leave.
  • Never prop open office or building doors, even for a brief time.
  • Be especially aware of your surroundings in your office area and building during holiday/vacation periods, weekends, or when there are fewer people than usual on campus.

Vehicle Safety Tips

  • Lock your car doors when driving.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle in plain view (computer, CDs, purse, wallet, anything of value).
  • When parking your car, lock all doors and roll up all windows.
  • If know you will be returning to your car after dark, park close to a building entrance or in a well-lit area.
  • Prior to leaving, contact Security for an escort from the building to your vehicle.
  • Have your keys in your hand when approaching your vehicle.
  • Before getting into your car, visually check the interior and the area surrounding your car. If you notice anything suspicious, leave your car immediately and notify Security.