Facility Management

In the event of an emergency on the NMC campus, please read the following policies and procedures to keep yourself and the rest of the NMC community safe.

Power Failure

In Case of Power/Utility Failure
Steps to take:
  • Call the Methodist Hospital operator at (402) 354-6911 (for emergencies) or (402) 354-4111 (for non-emergencies)
  • Follow additional steps below, as appropriate:
Utility Service Additional Steps to Take/Persons to Contact for Info
Electricity Normal Use flashlights, check elevators for people
Water Domestic Water If flooding occurs, contain water. Notify floor below.
Steam Heating, Cooking, Hot Water Contain, if possible.
Sewer Sanitary, Storm If flooding occurs, contain water. Notify floor below. Use standard precautions. Do not use water. Do not flush toliets.
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Call building management to report outage at 4111.
Elevators Elevators Reassure occupants trapped in elevators that help is on the way. Mainatin communication. Call building management at 4111.

The designated person in authority will write up a summary of the power/utility failure and send to the Health System Safety Officer. Contact the Safety Department ((402) 354-4048) if assistance is needed.

Hazardous Spill

Chemical Spill: Toner, Cleaning Fluids, etc.

Steps to take:

  • If possible, identify chemical spilled.
  • Notify persons in immediate areas about spill.
  • Evacuate if necessary.
  • Attend to any persons who may have been exposed, if possible, without placing yourself at risk. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)- ERNIE Intranet Form
  • If spilled material is flammable, turn off ignition and heat sources.
  • Move nearby items to minimize damage.
  • If contaminated with a hazardous chemical during a spill or clean-up, seek help immediately.

Who to contact:

  • Call (402) 354-4111 for non-emergency spills
  • Call (402) 354-6911 if it is an emergency and inform them that a chemical spill or exposure has occurred.
  • Provide as much detail as possible.