Emergency Communication

Announcements concerning disruption in College operations will be:
  1. Texted through e2Campus to emergency text-message subscribers.
  2. Emailed to all Methodist College email account holders.
  3. Posted on the College Website.
  4. *In addition, the College Emergency Phone Tree will be activated as deemed necessary

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In case of disruption of College operations due to emergency, weather related incident, or utilities failure.

Nebraska Methodist College primarily serves students in the greater Omaha area, but also has many students throughout greater Nebraska and even nationally. Because of this geographical diversity it is impossible for the College to make effective emergency closure decisions for all geographic areas reached by the College. The College will be as comprehensive as possible when making announcements concerning emergencies, but the ultimate decision for safety rests with the individual student or staff member.


  • College administration will monitor emergency situations to determine the extent to which some or all College operations will be suspended. Emergency situations are usually weather-related, but can also include power outages, mechanical breakdowns, health emergencies, or local or national crises.
  • The ultimate decision for safety rests with the individual student or staff member. The individual should never travel to a classroom, clinical site, or other college-related function if the safety of the individual is threatened by the act of travel.
  • In the event of an emergency situation, College Administration will announce the decisions concerning College operations as early as possible. Announcements related to overnight events that affect campus operations (usually weather-related) will be posted by 5 a.m., if at all possible

*Emergency events that give little or no forewarning will be communicated through the activation of the College calling tree in addition to the hotline, text message, email and web alert. Students with remaining questions concerning attendance should call their Program Director for further guidance. The ultimate decision concerning personal safety in the event of a crisis is the responsibility of the individual, regardless of the final decision of the College.


Revised September 11, 2012