Accident, Medical Emergency

If a student is involved in an accident or unusual occurrence which may cause actual or potential injury, proper documentation of the incident must be made within 24 hours. The completed Incident Report Form documenting the incident will be filed in the Campus Health Office.

Protocol for on-campus and off-campus occurrences:

  • The student reports the incident to the appropriate faculty member, preceptor or designated supervisor, who initiates reporting and treatment.
  • The student receives immediate first aid or medical attention at the site as needed, and will receive information related to the nearest emergency services, if necessary.
  • The student must report the incident to the Campus Health Center within 24 hours by calling (402) 354-7211. If leaving a message, provide your name and contact information as well as the nature, date, and location of the incident.
  • If necessary, the student will seek further treatment at the provider/agency of their choice. Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the student. The exception is a blood/body fluid exposure which requires immediate treatment (refer to Blood/Body Fluid policy).
  • Campus Health will notify the student's Program Director and follow-up with the student as necessary.


Do not attempt to move or relocate an injured person, as you may cause additional harm. Wait for appropriate medical assistance.

NMC employees are not permitted to transport a sick or injured student under any circumstance. Employees may assist a student in contacting a friend or family member, or if necessary emergency personnel, to arrange transportation to a healthcare facility or other location.

Blood/Body Fluid Occupational Exposure Procedure

This procedure is to be followed if a student is involved in a blood/body fluid (BBF) exposure incident at any campus or clinical facility.
  1. Faculty, preceptor or designated supervisor immediately assists the student in cleansing the wound or affected area with soap and water, or irrigating splash areas (i.e., eyes, mucous membranes) with normal saline or water. If eyes have been splashed, flush 15 minutes at eye wash station with wash bottle or saline.
  2. If the exposure occurs Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., call Methodist Employee Health at (402) 354-5684. When speaking to the secretary, the caller should identify him/herself as a Nebraska Methodist College student with a potential BBF exposure. The student will be directed to go to one of the Employee Health locations (Methodist Hospital, 2nd floor, North Tower).
  3. If the exposure occurs at a time when Employee Health is closed, call the Methodist Hospital operator at (402)354-4000 and page the House Supervisor to report the exposure.
  4. Employee Health will assist the student in filling out all necessary documentation forms and coordinate any necessary follow-up.
  5. In addition to notifying the Methodist Health System Employee Health Department (as directed above) the student is to follow any institutional policies and procedures at the location where the exposure occurred.
  6. Costs incurred by a student blood and body fluid exposure are paid by Nebraska Methodist College.

Employee Injury or Illness

Follow the Methodist Health System's policies and procedures briefly described below. Please refer to the "Work-Related Injury/Illness" policy and "Return to Work Following Any Injury/Illness" policy for complete information (found on Ernie).

The Employee Health Department is the first resource to employees for the treatment/screening of work-related injuries/illnesses. The Employee Health Department is responsible for triaging non-emergent work-related injuries/illnesses, and for maintaining work-related injury/illness statistics.

In the event of a work-related injury/illness, the following procedures will be followed:

At the Time of Work-Related Injury/Illness:

Employees injured/ill on the job must contact the Employee Health nurse or designated backup, as soon as possible for assessment and to report the injury/illness.

If the employee appears to require emergency care:

  • If the employee is not at a hospital location, contact 911. Notify Employee Health at 402-354-5684 as soon as possible after contacting 911.
  • If the employee is at a hospital location, take the employee to the Emergency Department. Notify Employee Health at 402-354-5684 as soon as possible.
  • The organization may require an employee involved in an accident in the workplace to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing.

If the employee does not appear to require emergency care:

  • During the hours of 6:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday, the employee should go to Employee Health, or contact Employee Health at 402-354-5684. Employee Health will assist in determining the best care options. Employees should not proceed to medical care without notifying Employee Health, unless it is an emergency.
  • After hours, if the employee does not work at a hospital location, the employee should contact his/her supervisor or designated individual. He/she will determine whether the employee should report to the NMH or MWH Emergency Department for assessment, or contact Employee Health on the next business day. Employees should not proceed to medical care without talking to Employee Health, unless it is an emergency or they have supervisor approval. If the employee does go to the Emergency Department for assessment, he/she should contact Employee Health at 402-354-5684 on the next business day.