Transportation and Parking

Students are responsible for their own personal transportation. Public transportation is available to and from affiliating agencies. Some clinical experiences necessitate the use of an automobile. Students must park in designated lots at all facilities.

All students are required to register their vehicles with the Security Department of Methodist Health System. Vehicle registration forms and parking stickers are available at the Clark Center Information Desk. Students who register with Security receive a red parking sticker which must be displayed on their vehicle. Students who are also employees receive an employee parking sticker and must follow the Methodist Health System parking policies. Vehicle registration is especially important in the case of winter storms, when plowing is a priority and vehicles must be moved. Vehicles belonging to unregistered students are subject to towing at the owner's expense.

If students are not able to find a parking spot in the College parking lots, students should park in the designated overflow lot(s). Students can be issued tickets for the following violations:

  • Moving Violation
  • No Valid Parking Permit
  • Obstruction of Traffic
  • Parked in Turn Radius
  • Parked in Unauthorized Area (Wrong Lot)
  • Parking in the Drive Lane
  • Permit Not Permanently Affixed
  • Unauthorized Parking in a Fire Lane
  • Unauthorized Parking in Handicap Stall
  • Using More Than One Parking Stall

Monetary fines of $25 will be imposed to individuals who park illegally on campus. Parking fines must be paid to the NMC Business Office within 14 days of issuance. Fines will be added to students' accounts, and nonpayment of fines could result in a hold being placed, resulting in the inability to register for subsequent classes or to graduate. Appeals may be emailed to the Dean of Students within 7 days. Appeals will not be considered after that time.

Full-time students residing in Omaha and driving a vehicle with license plates registered in a county other than Douglas must apply for a City of Omaha wheel tax student exemption sticker. Students failing to apply for an automobile identification tag may be subject to a fine, as well as towing and storage charges. Vehicle exemption stickers may be secured at the Clark Center Information Desk. There is a $5 charge for the sticker.

Part-time students who reside in Omaha and have a car registered outside Douglas County must also pay the wheel tax. Students must register their vehicle with the County Treasurer, either at the main office, branch office or the city cashier's office in the City-County Building, 1819 Farnam. The cost of the wheel tax is $18. The fine for failing to register with the city is a minimum of $46, including court costs. Each day may be considered a separate violation. The minimum cost for towing to the Police Impound Lot is $46, plus $5 per day storage.

The wheel tax does not apply to students who reside outside Douglas County and/or have out-of-county license plates.