Brand Guidelines

As a leading healthcare college, it is important for NMC to consistently communicate who we are and what we believe to our key constituents. That consistency upholds our credibility and allows  each of our programs  to gain tremendous value from their association with the Nebraska Methodist College brand.

We strive to strengthen the NMC brand on a local, regional and national basis by developing clear messaging, visuals and marketing strategies that consistently and powerfully convey the benefits NMC offers to students, parents and the communities in which we serve.

Our brand not only consists of the visual standards below but also the college's vision and mission and its long standing reputation.


Proper application of the Nebraska Methodist College logo establishes a consistent look for our materials and protects brand integrity. Below are the approved logos to use for Nebraska Methodist College.  The College Seal is not for branding or commercial use.  The Seal is reserved for the official business of the College.

The approved College logo and the associated identifying icons below may not be distorted or altered in any way. 

For maximum visual impact, and to protect brand integrity, a clear space surrounds the corporate logo. No other image or text should appear in this area. The line around the signature indicates the clear space. The clear space unit of measurement is determined by the height of the letter "O" of Methodist.

Logo Clear Space

The logo should never be smaller than 1" wide.

All print, digital and other renderings involving the use of the the College logo must be approved by Marketing Communications (MarCom).

Should you need a higher resolution logo or have other marketing questions, please contact NMC Marketing.

Official College Logo Online Identifier On Campus Identifier

NMC logo

NMC logo

NMC logo

Proper application for the official Nebraska Methodist College logo
to be used when branding the
college as a whole.
Proper application for the Nebraska Methodist College Online icon, to be used when identifying Online programs. Proper application for the Nebraska Methodist College On Campus icon to be used when branding On Campus programs.


Brand Colors

We have three established colors for Nebraska Methodist college that must be used in association with the college. While color matching may vary depending on the method used to reproduce the printed image, color reproduction should match these colors as closely as possible.



Primary color for Nebraska Methodist College to be used for overall brand identity.
PMS 301
CMYK (100, 45, 0, 18)
RGB (0,81,149)
WEB #005195


Secondary color for Nebraska Methodist College to be used in combination with blue.
PMS 7474
CMYK (90, 0, 28, 22)
RGB (0,121,135)
WEB #007987


Accent color for Nebraska Methodist College to be used in combination with blue.
PMS 1375
CMYK (0, 40, 90, 0)
RGB (255,161,45)


Typography is a key to maintaining brand identity. Different fonts are appropriate for different modes of communication. 

The following fonts are recommended for use for PRINT communications:

  • Futura Font Family
  • Univers Font Family

The following font is recommended for use for ELECTRONIC communications:

  • Tahoma
  • Arial


While e-mail has clearly become one of the most-used methods of communication, it also presents a great opportunity for us to reinforce the NMC brand.

In our e-mail signatures, a consistent and professional use of language referencing our name, title and contact information augments our brand's strength and maximizes each of our positions as ambassadors for the college. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the format shown here for your e-mail signature.

Your full name (with credentials)
Your title
Nebraska Methodist College
402-354-XXXX (optional)


All questions concerning the NMC brand, logos, colors, typography, photography or web styling should be directed to NMC Marketing.