CNA Refresher

CNA Refresher Course

The online refresher course prepares inactive CNAs for written and skills recertification exams needed to reactivate their registry status in the state of Nebraska.

This self-paced online course provides individuals with a review of the knowledge, skills and abilities that must be demonstrated in order to recertify as a CNA. This course features unlimited access to PowerPoints, key terms and content needed to pass the written examination and unlimited access to procedural videos of the skills needed to pass the skills competency portion of the examination.

There is a practice exam at the end of the course. Students can attend our on-campus open skills lab to practice their skills with an instructor available to assist and answer questions. The cost of open skills lab is included in the fee for the course.

The refresher course is a review to aid you in your preparation to recertify as a nursing assistant, it is not a guaranteed predictor of passing the exams.

Registering for the refresher course does not reserve a spot for you at the testing. You must register and pay for the written competency exam and the skills competency exam separately.

Online Refresher Course (includes Open Skills Lab): $60*
Written Competency Exam (1 hour): $30**
Skills Competency Exam (1 hour): $30**

*Payment for the refresher course is required at the time of registration. Once you have registered for the course you will receive access to the online course. No refunds will be given.

**Payment for testing is required at the time of registration (no exceptions) and is non-refundable. A $10 change fee is applicable for any adjustments made to a registration.

Register for the refresher course here.

Register for the written and skills exams here.

Open Skills Lab Locations:

There are two CNA labs at Nebraska Methodist College, please pay attention to the location when you register.

Nebraska Methodist College          
The Josie Harper Campus                                         
Clark Building, 720 N. 87th Street          or       Jean Beyer Alumni Center, 515 N 87th Street
Omaha, NE 68114 

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