Natalie Dowty

Natalie DowtyDr. Meg Blair
Natalie Dowty

Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information:

  • Address
  • 720 N. 87th Street
  • Omaha, NE 68114

BA, University of Nebraska at Omaha
MS, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, University of Nebraska at Omaha
MPT, UNiversity of Nebraska Medical Center
EdD, College of Saint Mary

General Background
Natalie Dowty has served as adjunct faculty in the HPM program since 2007. Her passion for wellness began early in life with a love of dance, meditation, and swimming. These interests in movement arts and science, mind-body health, and fitness became central to her clinical and teaching career. Natalie has taught in health education, health promotion and allied health education for 20 years. She is the president and founder of Integrative Wellness, Inc., Physical Therapy and Consulting, where she provides physical therapy services based on a mind-body wellness approach to rehabilitation and consultation in wellness, health promotion and professional enrichment. Natalie's physical therapy practice focuses on a mind-body approach to wellness, chronic disease, chronic pain and cancer rehabilitation.