Board of Directors

The NMC Board members listed below are proud to serve Nebraska Methodist College. We know our graduates are ready to deliver professional care to those in need. Our mission and core values are very real and they have lifted the College to its current level of success.

Bob Herrera, NMC Board Chairperson
Senior Business System Consultant
Mutual of Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska

Deb Bass
President, CEO
Bass & Associates, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

Loretta Carroll
President, CEO
Carroll Communications
Omaha, Nebraska

Bishop Scott Jones
United Methodist Church Conference
Wichita, Kansas

Michael Chase, Legal Counsel
Baird Holm
Attorney at Law
Omaha, Nebraska 

Denise Lienemann Scholz
Harold K. Scholz Co
Office Manager
Ralston, Nebraska

Kate Dodge
NEI Global Relocation
Omaha, Nebraska

Blane McCann
Westside Community Schools
Omaha, Nebraska

Tate Fitzgerald
American National Bank
Omaha, Nebraska

Kerri Petersen
Sherwood Foundation
Omaha, Nebraska

Reverend Dan Flanagan
Omaha District Superintendent
United Methodist Church NE Conference
Omaha, Nebraska

Rebecca Reilly, M.D.
Medical Director - Nebraska Methodist Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska

Ruth Freed, Ph.D., RN
Director, Clinical Alignment
Nebraska Methodist Health System
Omaha, Nebraska

Katie Sanders
Senior Manager
Data Center Operations
Union Pacific Railroad
Omaha, Nebraska

Alan Gard
Coventry Health Care
Omaha, Nebraska

Andrea Skolkin
One World Community Health Centers, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

Lee Harlan
Valley, Nebraska

Adam Yale
Red Cedar Capital, LLC
Omaha, Nebraska

Carolyn Harper
Omaha, Nebraska

Nick Henderson
President, Titlecore, LLC
Omaha, Nebraska