Leadership Matters Course Topics

Course Topics

Defining Leadership

Why is leadership important, and how excellent leaders can transform organizations one person at a time.

  • Growth opportunity: Understanding what is at stake and refining personal knowledge of leadership.

Purpose Matters

Centered on worldview discussion and understanding how our worldview is the centerpiece of our drive in leadership. This topic focuses on personal meaning and how leaders must know who they are made to be.

  • Growth opportunity: Understanding the "why" of "why" we are the way we are and how it can be rediscovered and fine-tuned for greater leadership.

Character Matters

NMC values, and the discipline of being a leader.

  • Growth opportunity: Personally understanding the role of the leader under NMC values system and discipline strengthens our profession.

Presence Matters

Professional posture and holistic fitness leads to confidence and success. 

  • Growth opportunity: Beginning the practical parts of leadership how self-awareness and recalibration strengthens our profession.

Resilience Matters

Facing and overcoming adversity on the personal and professional level.

  • Growth opportunity: Being able to continue in the profession at a high level as a leader while being under significant stress. 

Integrity Matters

Being successful without compromising integrity in leadership.

  • Growth opportunity: Professionally developing integrity lends credibility among those we lead.

Ethics Matter

How to form an ethical decision-making process as a leader.

  • Growth opportunity: To have a manageable framework to make the right decision when there are no clear cut paths.

Communicating Matters

Effective and honest communication is how to have some of the greatest influence as leaders.

  • Growth opportunity: To leverage your platform as a leader to inspire and win over those you lead.

You Matter

Understanding how your role and gifts can help transform the organization as a leader.

  • Growth opportunity: To lead through your strengths and be satisfied with role as a leader.