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Tammy Moerer

Adjunct Faculty

BS, University of Nebraska  - Kearney
MS, University of Nebraska - Omaha
PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

General Background

Notable Publications/Presentations
Knopik, M. S., & Moerer, T. (2013). Women leaders and entrepreneurs: Exploring the interpersonal behaviors of developing, maintaining, and leveraging "social capital." Accepted for publication status, February, 2013.
Schlichtemeier-Nutzman, S., Moerer, T., Hill, D., & Ewing, V. (January, 2011).  Women and leadership: An exploration of social capital. European Journal of the Social Sciences, 18(4), 481-517. European Journal of Social Sciences, 18(4).
Knopik, M.S., & Moerer, T. (2010, June). Women leaders and entrepreneurs: Implications for the classroom. European Journal of Social Sciences, 14(3), 394-403.
Knopik, M.S., & Moerer, T. (2008, April).  Women leaders and entrepreneurs: Learning from one to teach the other. Journal of Women in Educational Leadership, 6(2), 137-54.
Moerer, T. & Creswell, J. (2004).  Using transcendental phenomenology to explore the "ripple effect" in a leadership mentoring program. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 3(2). 
Hafer, J. & Moerer, T. (1992).  How to attain long-term TSR employment. Telemarketing.

Professional Service/Recognition/Charitable Boards
Nearly 15 years ago, Dr. Moerer established her own company, The Image Business. Her largest client is an international business and through their combined efforts, they established a Leadership Institute and Executive Development Program, with the objective being to identify and develop those who possess leadership potential within the 100-year-old company.