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Shelley Henderson

Adjunct Faculty

University of Nebraska at Omaha
-Master of Science in Educational Administration & Supervision, August 2007, Secondary Schools Administration
-Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, May 1999, Field Endorsement in Language Arts  

General Background
Shelley Henderson is the national Diversity & Inclusion Manager for FIRST-For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. She has spent over 20 years working as a youth development specialist, certified teacher, nonprofit executive, university program coordinator/adjunct professor, community organizer, public policy advocate and volunteer for a number of organizations and initiatives. Shelley is leading a regional implementation of My Brother's Keeper in the Heartland serving as Lead Facilitator and point of contact for the White House. Equipping adults to address inequity and advance social justice has always been a priority throughout her professional journey. Professional Service/Recognition/Charitable Boards

Notable Publications
Book Chapter: Service-Learning Research as a Feedback Loop for Faculty Development, Henderson, S.M., et. al. in: Bowdon, M. A., Billig, S., Holland, B. A., & International Research Conference on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. (2008). Scholarship for sustaining service-learning and civic engagement. Charlotte, N.C: Information Age Pub.

Notable Presentations

"The Research Partnership Model: A Case Study from Three Perspectives" at the annual conference of the Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning in Higher Education, Omaha, NE, 2009

"Service Learning in the College of Business Administration: Hope Skate: Building Employment Skills through Service Learning" at the Annual Conference on Applied Learning in Higher Education, St Joseph, MO, 2007

"Engaging the Middle-Level Learner through Service Learning" at the Nebraska Dropout Prevention Action Summit, Lincoln, NE, 2009

Service Learning 101 and 201: Advancing the Practice, 2007-2010

Bridging for Communities of Color through Racial Equity, Omaha, NE 2014

Nebraska's Racial History & Implication, Race Matters Conference, Omaha, NE 2014

Advancing Race Equity, Race Matters Conference, Omaha, NE 2014

Cultural & Linguistic Diversity, UNO Teacher Education, Omaha, NE, 2015

Institutional Racism & Racial Equity, Anti-Defamation League Facilitator's Training, Omaha, NE 2015

Diversity and Social Justice, UNO School of Social Work, Omaha, NE 2015

Solving the Education Equation: A New Model for Improving STEM Workforce Outcomes through Academic Equity, Washington DC, 2015

Equity & Education, Heartland 2050, Omaha, NE 2016

Black Education: Defying the Inferiority Lie, Black History Month Hungry Club, Omaha, NE 2016

How Is Omaha Experiencing the Impacts Of The Legacy Of Structural Racism?, Listen for Change: Sacred Conversations for Racial Justice, Omaha, NE 2016

Real-World Experiences with a Focus on High-Demand Industries, Including STEM, Re-Engagement Plus Convening, Dubuque, IA 2016

Building Capacity: Preparing FIRST for the Race to STEM Access & Opportunity for All, Washington DC, 2016   

Professional Service/Recognition/Charitable Boards
- National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) Member
- NAPE Public Policy & Advocacy Committee Member
- NAPE Professional Development Committee Member
- My Brother's Keeper-Heartland Collaborative Lead Facilitator
- New Leaders Council of Omaha Advisory Board
- United Way of the Midlands Community Investment Review Team Member
- Omaha Public Schools Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee Member
- Heartland 2050 Committees Member
- Equity & Engagement Committee
- Education Committee
- League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha Board Member
- Foster Care Review Board Member