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Dean Manternach

Dean of Arts & Sciences

BS, Iowa State University
MA, The Catholic University of America
PhD, Boston College

General Background
Dr. Manternach (he, him, his) served as a faculty member at Clarke University in Dubuque, IA for 12 years before coming to NMC in August 2015.  After completing sabbatical in Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain in 2013, he felt called to do something more in service of students and higher education. At Clarke he held increasing administrative roles serving as the Chair of the Religious Studies Department and as Chair of the Humanities Division. 

In higher education his professional research interests cluster around best practices in pedagogy and design for online teaching. He continues to reflect and research on the central role and importance of work in shaping the spiritual well-being of adults.  His administrative research interest and efforts are focused on data-informed curriculum decision-making and integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion in what is taught and how it is taught in the higher education classroom.

Notable Publications/Presentations
Dean has an MA in theology and an Ph.D. in theology and education.  His publication work is in adult religious education and presents regularly to area faith communities on a variety of religious and educational topics.  He has also presented at the Higher Learning Commission conference on data-informed decision-making.

Professional Service/Recognition/Charitable Boards
Dean is a past board member for NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby organization in the global movement for justice and peace organization educating, organizing, and lobbying for economic and social transformation.  

He continues his affiliation with the Religious Education Association: Association of Professors and Practitioners in Religious Education.  

Dr. Manternach actively contributes as a peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission since 2018 in support of other schools going through accreditation and strengthening those efforts at Nebraska Methodist College