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Amy Clark

Vice President Academic Affairs

General Background

Dr. Clark joined Nebraska Methodist College in 2014 as the Dean of Health Professions and assumed her position of Vice President of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer in 2018. As VPAA/CAO, Amy provides vision and administrative leadership to all of the Academic Divisions/Programs, Center for Research, Education and Teaching Excellence (CREATE), Department of Records and Registration, and Educational Technology Departments.
Amy's roles as a Clinical Researcher with the University of Nebraska Medical Center in conjunction with the UCSF-Memory and Aging Center has led to multiple publications in her work with patients diagnosed with Dementia and their caregivers. Most recently Dr. Clark has collaborated with her research team at NMC and Dr. Robert Penn to identify the impact on COVID-19 on healthcare employees.

PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
MSW, University of Nebraska - Omaha
BS, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Notable Publications/Presentations

Penn, R. G., Kindschuh, A., Robertson, W., Zweifel, M., and Clark, A. M. (2022). The natural history of physical, cognitive, and metal effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on COVID-19 infected compared to non-infected healthcare personnel in the Nebraska Methodist Healthcare System. (Forthcoming)

Liu, A. K., Possin, K. L., Cook, K. M., {and 11 others include Clark, A. M.}, (2021). Effect of Collaborative Dementia Care on Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use: Outcomes from the Care Ecosystem Randomized Clinical Trial, Journal of American Medical Association

Possin, K., Merrilees, J., Dulaney, S., [and 19 others include Clark, A. M.], (2019). Effect of collaborative dementia care via telephone and internet on quality of life, caregiver well-being, and health care use. Journal of American Medical Association, 179(12), 1658-1667.

Merriles, J. M., Bernstein, A., Delaney, S., [and 14 others include Clark, A. M.] (2018). The care ecosystem: Promoting self-efficacy among dementia family caregivers. Dementia, 0(0) 1-19.

Possin, K., Merrilees, J., Bonasera, S., [and 22 others include Clark, A. M.] (2017). Agile development of a proactive, personalized, and scalable dementia care program: early findings from the care ecosystem. PLOS Medicine, 11(2) 7-10.

Tichenor, Veronica, McQuillan, J., Greil, A.L., Bedrous, A., Clark, A. M., Shreffler, K. (2017).

Variations in attitudes toward being a mother by race/ethnicity and education among women in the United States. Sociological Perspectives 60(3) 600-619.

Professional Service/Recognition/Charitable Boards

Calvins Legacy Foundation, Board Member
Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools Foundation, Board Member
ALC Financial Committee, Board Member