Strategic Plan

The Executive Team, in conjunction with the President's Cabinet, annually creates the strategic planning structure through which everyone at the College operates. NMC has a mission and values already established, and from those have generated three planning cornerstones of process, purpose, and people, all of which are ongoing.


The strategic initiatives that are central to NMC success. The cornerstones are long term and are intended to represent long lasting strategic initiatives (five years or longer).

  • Organizational Effectiveness (Process): 
    • Reflects continuous improvement to the infrastructure of processes throughout the College. Such improvement promotes effective and efficient operations, flow of information, data management and decision making.
  • Quality Education (Purpose):
    • Represents a teaching-learning environment that actively engages the learner and all college personnel in a partnership resulting in quality learning outcomes.
  • Personnel Development (People):
    • The integration of the college values those results in a strong organizational culture promoting continuous holistic development.

Using these cornerstones as a guide, we have generated our vision for the goals and objectives currently needed in each of the areas. This vision was generated through multiple discussions over time, primarily utilizing the Executive Team, President's Cabinet, and the AQIP Strategy Forum group. These goals and objectives provide the framework for all strategic planning at NMC.