Educated Citizen Portfolio

Educated Citizen

Student Portfolio Requirement

Initiated in 1998, the NMC portfolio is both an outcomes assessment measure and a documentation source for students' personal, professional and academic development. Research indicates that we learn best when we are aware of how we learn. One goal of the NMC Portfolio is to develop students' skills of reflection and cognition. By exploring the significance of a particular experience, assignment, or interaction, students learn to be aware of the interconnections among topics and apply their learning to future situations.

All degree-seeking students at Nebraska Methodist College create portfolios that help them take charge of their personal and academic growth. The process builds skills in handling new and unexpected events and in interacting with people of varying backgrounds and experience.

As they practice reflection, students gain insight into relationships with friends, family, co-workers, faculty, and patients. Through their portfolios, students seek to understand and to communicate the value of their accomplishments.

A student portfolio holds samples of student work and experiences with a reflection page attached to each sample. The portfolio allows students to keep track of experiences from school, work, personal and civic opportunities that have been important to learning.