NMC Now Offering New Respiratory Care Bachelor’s Degree

  • Date: June 18, 2013
  • Author: Ashley Bails

respiratory therepist degree completion program NMC is now offering a bachelor's of science in respiratory care degree completion program online.

Respiratory Therapists Help Patients Breathe Easier - Literally

Respiratory therapists provide care to patients with problems related to the cardiopulmonary system. Commonly known as RTs, respiratory therapists perform a wide range of duties. They perform diagnostic tests, such as breathing tests and blood draws. They provide acute care, including breathing treatments and managing ventilators. They also deliver preventive care, such as home discharge education, smoking cessation guidance and asthma education.

Typically, respiratory therapists spend their time working together with doctors and nurses to provide care to patients. Respiratory therapists most commonly work in hospital settings, but are also branching out to a number of other areas, such in-home care settings, sleep labs, clinics and transport teams.  

Like many healthcare careers, demand is high for respiratory therapists due to increasing needs from the baby boomer population. Nebraska Methodist College's Respiratory Care graduates have an excellent track record for getting jobs - 97 percent of graduates have jobs within six months of graduation.  

But the need for respiratory therapists is also part of another trend in the number of children with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Studies are still on-going, but it is generally thought that poor diet and lack of exercise are the leading causes of these issues.  

respiratory therapistNebraska Methodist College is leading the way in respiratory therapy education. Nebraska Methodist College's Respiratory Care program is now offering a new Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care, preparing students for the changing roles of respiratory therapists.

The degree is the first of its kind and equips students with skills in health promotion, health education, leadership, case management and healthcare policy. Nebraska Methodist College also offers an Associate of Science in Respiratory Care. First-time students can pursue the bachelor's degree as a four-year degree, while students with an associate's can earn the bachelor's through NMC's online degree completion program.